Why do you voice your thoughts/opinions?

I understand everyone has an opinion, I also understand it is your “right” to express it; my question is why do you express it? Are you hoping to change someones views, find common ground, validate your process, degrade someone else, create an open dialog?

I ask because recently I’ve been subjected to others uninvited/unwelcome opinions and it got me thinking about why they felt the need to share their thoughts and opinions, what they hoped to gain from it. Why they believe their opinion has any relevance.

Just to hear myself yammer.

OK, more seriously:

Although I sometimes get caught up in the whole “someone is wrong on the Internet” thing, I think the main reason is that I want to see how good my ideas and arguments really are. And I can’t find that out by just shadowboxing with them in my mind; the only way is to put them out here where Bricker or Scylla or someone else can take potshots at them.

And while it wasn’t my motivation by any means, I think having to argue succinctly here has made me a much better writer, which has been valuable professionally.

Multiple reasons: to test myself and my opinions, to explore ideas, to find out why those who disagree feel the way they do, to find out if I might be wrong about something, to try and fight ignorance and sway the undecided and other lurkers, to show a WRONG person how WRONG they are (:))… but mostly it’s because argument is fun.

If I don’t say some things my head will explode.

Because they are good opinions, and I worked really hard at them, and I’m proud of what I’ve done.

Just so I can be contrarian.

Because you asked.

I’m sorry, were you not looking for an argument?..

The most intentional, conscious reason is to work out my opinions more thoroughly. I’ve had several posts in various stages of completion when I realized that the argument didn’t really work, or I went to look up a fact and realized I was wrong, or various other things. I actually like that - I think it sharpens my thoughts.

However, there are numerous other reasons that really do factor into posting from time to time: frustration, irritation, desire to share a humorous thought, someone is wrong on the internet, etc…

The recent circumstances I was alluding to happened in person, but it does bring up the question regarding forums. Forums exist for the sole purpose of expressing your thoughts and opinions, I should have been more clear in my post.

Although I am curious why people choose to participate in forums, personally I enjoy the back-and-forth, but not necessarily all out argument.

In my mind, the only way to really learn/remember something is to teach it. So when I learn something new or have a new way of thinking about something, I share it with other people. This ways, I’m reinforcing that new information… and if I happen to be wrong in some way, I’m likely to get feedback from other people explaining just how I’m wrong.

Also, I have a problem with people repeating information that is just plain flat-out wrong. There is lots of room for opinion on all kinds of issues, but don’t tell me something that’s just plain untrue and expect it to go unchallenged.

Forms exists for the sole purpose of filling in data.

Forums, on the other hand, are excellent for gladiator fights.

Message boards are for consistently sending the wrong message. No one knows why we keep trying.

So people can learn from my wisdom.

And, so I can learn from their wisdom.

Derision carries more weight if it’s applied before the correction.

What, no allowance for bathroom brakes? Sheesh… :wink:

“Breaks” and no. :stuck_out_tongue:

In person, a lot of opinion-pushing is group dynamics. If the group is mostly religious / atheist / leftist / rightist / etc, they can spout their opinion as proof of who’s an insider and who’s an outsider.

With political opinions there’s enough assortative living that many people can honestly say that 100% of their neighbors vote as they do as far as they’ve ever been able to learn. I’ve certainly lived in districts that actually vote 90/10 & members of that 10% were very hard to find. Meanwhile it seems like every member of the 90% is loudly voicing their opinions so all can hear. After all, since everybody agrees with them, what’s wrong with crowing?

I want to educate the public on many issues in general and reverse sexism in particular. I also like talking to people.

Expressing any unpopular opinion is a crime against Social Justice, but at least it gets attention.

So, hyperbole is your weapon of choice?

Sometimes. I am working on a new YouTube channel.

Crimes against Social Justice are dealt with by Social Justice Enforcement. There are no definite laws or penal codes.