So...would now be a BAD time to join?

Looks like ya’all have recently had a bit of a hacksplosion.

Good thing I used a joke username/password and throwaway email address.

Well…howdy…this here’s my test first post.

Well, as Robin Williams said in The World According to Garp: “This place has been pre-disastered!” :smiley:

Or, it’s like that Target fiasco, or CD Universe many eons ago. The first thing any place does after a breach in security is to fix the problem and put up more security. Lightning rarely strikes twice. Just be careful that you don’t ever use your banking password or base your p/w on your children’s birthdays or something dumb like that.

With your post, you already have.


. . . which is what we should all be doing with ALL our on-line accounts ALL THE TIME anyway. So, at least you’re starting out on the right foot here.

Picklejar. Good joke, good joke :slight_smile:

Thank you for clearing that up, because I always assume people are using their real names.

Y-you mean… we’re not supposed to use our real names? :smack: :wink:

Uh oh.