So WTF is up with The Office?

When is the season finale? All season long they’ve been taking these damned extended breaks, which is really annoying. I can never figure out NBC’s schedule on the website, and it looks like there are two more reruns next week. Dear NBC: the show just isn’t that good anymore, so you might want to stop screwing with your viewers. :mad:

It aired on May 20.

Really? Last week’s ep was a new one, wasn’t it?

The season finale was the “Whistleblower” episode. No new episodes since that one aired on 5/20.

It confused me too. What happened to NBC’s policy of having every season finale be twice as long?

Remember when The Office had 1 hour episodes every month?

I don’t remember them even announcing that it was the season’s last ep. The on-demand synopsis doesn’t mention it, either. For a season finale, it sucked balls.

I didn’t realize “Whistleblower” was the season finale until I checked The Office season 6 Wikipedia page. Maybe I missed it because I only watch NBC on Thursdays, but I never saw any promo saying that was the season finale. Seems like it one of those oversights by the NBC management that keeps them in fourth place.

Also, it looks like the show’s ratings have been slipping this season. Looks like season 7 is going to average around 6.5 million viewers

Those weren’t really one hour epsiodes. They were two regular episodes that often had a bridge scene connecting them but they weren’t true hour-longs in terms of plot.

I can totally see how you’d not know that was the finale. Since season two the tradition has been to have a super episode with lots of story events and a compelling cliffhanger, by that standard this one was absolutely terrible. But yea, season over.

For future reference, you can always check out for a quick and easy episode lists to keep up with upcoming shows and such, that’s the only way I knew it was the finale.

In general, I think you’ll find that the regular season shows will wrap up their seasons by Memorial Day. As of recently a few series will run during the summer, after Memorial Day, although some cable channels have shows that start in the spring and run into the summer.

About all they could come up with for a season cliffhanger was Michael’s raised eyebrows when Jo said she’d see what she could do regarding having Holly transferred back.

No shit. Since he’s not supposed to be returning next season, I thought they would do some big lead-in to that.

Steve Carell still has one more season, he’ll back and then it will be his last and hopefully they just end the show.

I wish I could laugh at not knowing the Office’s season was over, but it was like two months after the fact that I found out that Scrubs had already had its season (and series) finale. :smack:

Why not? Is the actress committed to other projects?

Steve Carell is a chick? :eek:

Well he wears women’s suits…

:smack: BLARG! I need glasses

Oh hell, then I’ve got it all wrong, haven’t I?