The Office: Summer Vacation

It looks like NBC posted this a few days ago to whet the fans’ appetites. I won’t spoil anything, but they give us a couple of updates on the status of the characters.

Summer Vacation

“Saw Ratatouille. Walked out of it. Did not buy it.”

Apparently they’re starting the season out with four hour-long episodes. I can’t wait.

“The Office” is my addiction.

I didn’t have satellite service until June, so I haven’t even seen season 3, yet. (I didn’t watch the summer re-runs because they weren’t complete and in order.) Season 3 DVD comes out on Tuesday. I hope my copy arrives in time for me to watch it before season 4 starts.

Supposedly, 38 episodes will air this season. Yay!

Wikipedia says Season 4 will be 30 half-hour segments. Ten of those thirty segements will be combined into 1-hour episodes, so it looks like there will be 25 total weeks of The Office this season.

Not bad.

I just started watching last Spring, and promptly bought all three seasons (1st and 3rd on Amazon Unbox, 2nd on DVD). I am really psyched for the upcoming year, my first watching it ‘live’. What a brilliant show! Steve Carell and Rainn Wilson are my idols for making such freakish characters so endearing.

rucciface, I think I’ve seen Greg Daniels mention an order for 30 shows, not 38.

Does the “Summer Vacation” promo include scenes from the first episode? Over on Television Without Pity, the Office forum is divided as to whether it’s spoilery or not.

No scenes from the first episode, but it might be spoilery, since it confirms something that we were speculating about.

I stand corrected. Thanks. I must have mis-read/mis-remembered. Anyway, 25 weeks worth of Thursday night heaven. Good stuff.

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