So You Die Tomorrow, What do People Remember About You?

Work would miss my “just get on with it” attitude, I think people would say "He liked heavy metal (and cross themselves several times) he liked emulators (you know Ethel he always played those vidyo games) and the local shops would say “crikey, lager takings are down quite a bit”. Would anyone miss you?

I hope they’d say I did much more good stuff than bad stuff. Gave more than I got. Fixed things up more than I f**ked things up.

That sort of thing.

I think…that I laughed a lot, yelled a lot, was a pretty good cook and loved probably more than was good for me. I think they’d have trouble getting rid of my books, tho they’ve never read them themselves.

Not much.

My mother would miss calling me to look stuff up on the internet for her.

My ex, well he and his boyfriend have a lot going so I doubt they would have much time to miss me.

That I was an animal lover that tried hard to help the critters anytime I could. When they come to mclean my house out they would discover that I was really bad housekeeper, and had an obsession with horses statues.

At work they’d miss the guy who knew the contract and who was never the least bit cowed by administrators or shouting parents. A fair few students would miss me as the guy who was on their side and was among the first to accept them as adults…which sometimes meant not sparing their feelings.
A good many friends would miss the guy who turned them from a mere gun owner into a person who could really shoot well.
There are women would read my obituary and pause for a reverie of the most incandescently good sex they had in their lives.
And there are a few folks who would buy tickets to make the trip to piss on my grave.

She really loved dogs. She helped save a lot of them.

I don’t even know you, but I remember just from what you’ve posted here that you seem very fond of cats and have a sense of humor. I’m sure that you’ve made more of an impression that you think on other people who know you much better than I do.

He was hilarious in social situations. A good Father. A challenging husband. Could catch anything thrown his way, and could cook his ass off.

Well, if you’d actually cooked your ass off, that would make you pretty memorable, I’d bet.

I get crap for having no ass, so I figured that’s what happened.

That I really cared about people and that I was very silly. And honestly, that’s how I’d like to be remembered.

They’d say, “Sudden who?” I could go missing and only my husband would notice I was gone. After 6 months or so, my mother might wonder what happened to me.

Once reminded who I was, my family would remember that they hated playing Trivial Pursuit with me.

That I wasn’t any trouble for anyone and that I knew how to laugh at life’s absurdities.

And that I put in my best effort in everything I put my hand to.

I would be known as the person who might take a washing machine, a hair clip and some old parts from the garage and create a nuclear device. When the situation is dire, call me because I have an answer. Burn Notice was based on my life.

My wise-ass-itude.

“Well, we’d be watching TV, but all the time he was on his laptop, on that Doping site… not sure what it was called…”

“He was the nicest guy.” I’d like that.

I was at my brother-in-law’s funeral, and the Rabbi was going on, and on. My mind drifted to a vision of someone speaking at my funeral. He said “Typo told me a lie once. He said he didn’t believe in unconditional love. But you know that’s not true. If you were in his family, if you were his friend, he would do anything - anything - for you.”

I hope I live up to that.

I think people will remember I was something of a strange man, and that I knew a great many useless things.

Around here, I’ll apparently be remembered for starting the SDMB NSFW picture thread.

I’ve told my family that I don’t care what they do at my funeral, because I’ll be too busy flying around the universe with Jesus and Hawking.

But now I wonder if I can set a firm limit on eulogy time.
(Ooh, but that could backfire: "Digs set a two minute limit, but I’ve said he was a nice but annoying guy, and we’ve got a minute and a half left… ")