So you disdain the thread subject?

In a thread devoted to discussion of how the ailing Survivor franchise could be fixed, MacTech posts:

(post #4) This is just the latest example, but it happens a lot. Especially in regard to reality TV.

A well-reasoned opinion of why Survivor should be allowed to die would be most welcome, and a relevant addition to the thread. But what MacTech posted was just drive-by assholery. Besides, just spouting off about how reality TV sucks is so 3-years-ago.

If you want to discuss your negative opinion of reality TV in general, then start a thread about it. I’m sure you’ll have plenty of takers.

In the meantime, please stop shitting in random threads on the subject.

Similarly, if someone begins aa thread with a topic of discussion, for example, “Bush is responsible for 100,000 deaths” then an appropriate response would be “I disagree and here’s why” rather than “you are an idiot because you hate Bush”.

Hijacking and mudslinging accusations of hijacking have become epidemic of late. Even the sun wobbles.

Are you saying I’m making a “mudslinging accusation of hijacking?” I’m complaining about threadshitting more than hijacking.

You’re right, except that is not what usually happens. In fact, I don’t think it has ever happened. More often, the thread topic is “Bush is an idiot” or “Here, I read this in the paper today, let’s bash Bush some more”. And the proper response to that is “no, you’re an idiot”, or the polite GD version of the same thing.

I think if the sun’s dad takes a little time to tighten the spokes on the sun’s bicycle wheels, there may be less wobbling in the future.

Oh, and make sure the axle bearings are in good condition and well-lubricated.

I was given to understand that the sun wobbles because the center of mass of the solar system is not the same coordinate as the center of the sun.

As a fan of Enterprise and Friends, I’m all too aware of the type of behaviour you mention in the OP and it’s very annoying. In a recent thread I started on the former, I even put a disclaimer at the bottom asking people to please not post about how stupid the show is or how ignorant I am for liking it.

The reason being that, in the past, threads have been hijacked completely by these people and our original discussion was lost. I wish I could find the specific thread I am thinking of where NoClueBoy and I were constantly quoting previous statements in the thread telling people to please start their own thread if they wanted to trash the series so that we, the fans, could discuss the topic in peace but Search isn’t cooperating.

By the end of the thread, I know we’d repeated ourselves at least half a dozen times apiece.

It happens in every Simpsons thread also.

Huh. Enterprise and Friends sucks. Especially the little goofy space shuttle sidekick.

On a similar note, in any discussion about, say, power output of the megalaser on the Death Star, or the exact nature of a soul in Buffy, or any other form of detail-obsessive fan-wankery, there’s really no need to stop in and mention that “It’s just a movie! You’re overanalyzing it!” Everyone in the thread is well aware of that it’s a movie, thank you. You enjoy the movie your way, we’ll enjoy the movie our way.

No, no, no. You’ve completely forgotten the “I brought up a point in another thread that was minutely different from the OP there but was widely ignored, so I’ve decided to fill the forum up with it’s own thread all to itself. Nevermind I’m incoherent and offer nothing in the way of rebuttal and effort, I just want the spotlight of having my own thread.”

I dunno. I think think this whole thread topic is stupid.

What, no one did that yet? :smiley:

I love that show!

“Could I BE any more of a Vulcan?”


That may well be the case. But if a simple regimen of wheel-maintenance can resolve the problem, it will save a lot of time and resources if we don’t have to visit a celestial mechanic.

Carbonation + nasal passage = extreme pain. Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

Yes–why, just a couple weeks ago, there was someone here who threatened to hijack another poster’s posts “nine ways from Sunday” if said poster continued in a certain vein. I’m surprised you didn’t rip the guy a new one.

Oh wait–that was you.

This was a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Oh, how cute. It thinks it has made a discovery. That was neither a hijacking nor an accusation of hijacking — it was a threat to hijack. Now it may put the lotion in the basket.

I’ll reserve comment until (or if) I hear anything back from the mods. Frankly, I think a threat to hijack threads is as bad as an actual hijack, at least if you’re complaining about posters who are actually doing so.