So, you don't like Trump. Do you REALLY thing that Hillary is a good person?

So here’s the question for the people who don’t like Trump and don’t think he’s a good person. Do you REALLY think that Hillary is a good person??

This will show how good you are at judging someone while putting your political affiliation aside. Let’s see if you can.

Nope-Just a better one.
edited to add: Politics ain’t black and white.

On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being best, I’d rate her a 6 or 7, so a good person.

Yes, absolutely. Not without flaws, but definitely a good person, in many important ways.

I believe that they are both bad people, but mostly in different ways; and I don’t know if one is worse than the other.

It’s really hard to make that kind of judgment without knowing them or dealing with them on a personal level.

For a politician? She’s very good by that standard, otherwise they would’ve have been able to find more actual dirt on her after decades of trying. She’s an outright saint compared to Trump.

I’m not a Hillary* lover*, per se. She was my second choice in 2008 and 2016. She seems like a relatively decent person, however. The only thing I can see that is a negative on the “Is she a good person” issue is her attacks on the women who accused her husband of misconduct. That’s understandable though.

She’s ambitious, but that goes without saying. Depending on your politics, she’s too liberal or too corporate. But neither would make her a “bad person.” What else is there?

Way better than Trump, but not a good person.

I’ve never met Hillary, but I’ve seen nothing from her to suggest she’s an unusually bad person.

The dichotomy presented in the OP is also extraordinarily, naively irrelevant. It doesn’t matter whether or not a president (or any leader, really) is a good or bad person. All that matters is 1) do they have an agenda I agree with, and 2) can they communicate effectively, and with a diverse enough group of people, to advance that agenda. I agreed with much of Hillary’s agenda and I feel she has the communication piece down. I disagree with much of Trump’s agenda, and I don’t believe he communicates effectively with enough sorts of people to see meaningful advancement of his agenda. As far as I am concerned, the USA is stagnating (getting swampy, if you will) as a result of his occupation of the White House. Which isn’t necessarily a useful thing, but it’s not as bad as if he were a compelling figure.

It will? Do know something we don’t?

LiveFree, maybe you can start by giving us a precise definition of what you consider to be a good person.

I disagree somewhat. If Trump had policies I agreed with, he would still not have my support. He’s just too much of a fucking asshole. Overlooking major character flaws (and incompetence) because someone has an agenda I agree with is a recipe for disaster. For the normal range of good to bad that we see in politicians, I would agree that it doesn’t matter.

The other question was about Trump being president. Why is the question “Is Hillary a good person?” and not “Would Hillary be a good president?”

Which is why I want agenda AND communication. Just one of either (Carter had an agenda but was lacking in the communication department) is, indeed, not enough to please me. Ironically, Trump being a “fucking asshole” (aka: poor/unpersuasive communicator) is exactly what will save us from him.

She’s smart, shows empathy, works hard, and is committed to public service.

She’s flawed, of course. Not an exciting speaker and a tendency to not respond to unfounded charges until they blow out of control.

She also is hurt polically by being a woman. If she were male, her behavior would be admirable; as a woman, it turns people away.

I can’t answer the OP question. Hillary Clinton is probably someone I wouldn’t get along with, based on what I’ve read about her. But that didn’t keep me from voting for her, as she seemed a very capable person, able to be POTUS.

Not sure what whether or not I like Trump has anything to do with whether or not Hillary is a good person…

I’m mostly uninterested in what kind of person a politician is, and much more interested in the policies they implement.

I couldn’t care less about Trump personally. I don’t know him. The fact that he gives every appearance of being a boorish prick is insignificant next to his terrible polices. In fact, Trump had an opportunity with me - I’m all for the transgression of “norms”, particularly ceremonial ones that are a waste of time. If he doesn’t want to attend ceremonies, or welcome scouts and basketball teams into the Oval Office or pardon turkeys I’d be fine with that. Instead, the norms he’s chosen to transgress are things like banning reporters from briefings and communicating with the world via Tweet. That, and implementing brainless and harmful policies.

I don’t care what kind of person he is outside of criminal behavior (and it may come to that, as we know). He could be the most offensive person in the world, but if he implemented good policy that would be great. We’ve had other presidents who I probably wouldn’t have liked personally, who have also implemented good policy.

Same goes for Hillary Clinton. I don’t know her personally, and I’m not likely to. But I have reason to suspect she would have implemented better policy.

One of the consistent themes with regard to Clinton has been her advocacy for women and children. Her first job after law school was for the Children’s Defense Fund. She was a big proponent of the Children’s Heath Insurance Program when first lady. She has been big on female empowerment in Africa. Even the story of her supposedly laughing about a rape victim back when she was a lawyer is a misnomer emanating out of her efforts to help the underprivileged - Clinton was running a free Legal Aid clinic after moving to Arkansas (through the school where she was teaching law) to provide services to poor people. It was in this role that she got assigned to represent a man accused of raping a girl (resulting in a plea bargain, like nearly every criminal case).

So, a good person? Well, I’ve never met her, but her public advocacy has been commendable.

She shows empathy… :smiley::smiley:

More like… she fakes showing empathy.

I think she’s a decent person. I think she’s possibly overly ambitious, but that’s a common politician problem. Other than that, she seems to have the right moral priorities.

The only bad stuff I know about her are things that are used by Republicans that doesn’t hold up.