Soap Opera Character Names

I know we’ve done this before, but it’s been a long enough while that there are a lot of new folks on the Dope.

Inspired by this thread, take your middle name, and the name of the first street you lived on. That’s your soap opera character name.

Mine is Ellen Southgate. I picture a mansion in the middle of a huge property. She married money.
eta - add a one or two sentance desription of your character :slight_smile:

Carol Burnett!

seriously? - lucky you :slight_smile:

Lynne Nitz.

I’m the matriarch of the trailer park across the street.

Seriously. I’m a Eunice Wiggins-type librarian who does Carol Burnett-type stand up comedy on the weekends.

Ruth Resurrection.

You saw her die just last week, but now she’s back! It must have been her evil twin who bought the farm…Or is Ruth the evil twin? Stay tuned!

I’d be the most mysterious character because I do not have a middle name. I’d simply be, Brighton.

Male? Female? Who knows. Brighton would be the newcomer to town who turns out to be someone’s long lost son/daughter. They would cause trouble, but some horrific experience would turn them into the town hero.

Ann Florida. I’m not sure how soap-opera-ish that sounds.

My son would be John Devonshire; and his sister, Rose Devonshire. Both far more soap-opera-ish.

ooo! how about an androgynous sort who dresses plainly and doesn’t reveal gender until that hero making moment?

the restaurant in town has to have a waitress that gets into a scandalous affair with some uber respected patriarch (maybe John Devonshire?)

Donald Hawthorne.

I like it - very aristocratic.

But in reality I was actually named after a soap opera character - Adam Chandler, from the show All My Children. (It’s great to have cultured parents.) I kid. But still - come on!

John Princess, pleased to meet you.

He’s tall, he’s good looking, he’s pure evil. John Princess is the kind of guy who will not only kick you while you are down, but he will change his shoes to do it. You will find Princess working as either a doctor of a school teacher.

SSG Schwartz

I’m Patrick Pontiac. :cool:

A guy in my office is Forest Woodland! I bet he is one hunk of a hero!

Elizabeth Amuskai - a mysterious, exotic woman of unknown origins. Her accent is unplaceable, her mannerisms indescribable, her voice seductive. Unfortunately, her table manners are abominable, so she spends a lot of time alone and hungry.

Kathleen Wilde. I’m picturing an unsettlingly sexy 50-ish woman with a 25-year-old boyfriend or three.

I’d be Elise Pulido. I’m sure I’d be a real estate agent or something.


David Forest

Good guy? Bad guy? It depends. He’s doing his own thing, and never really explains what he’s up to. No one really trusts him, of course - but he’s helped more people than he’s hurt. But what is his ultimate goal?

Marie Chaparral, Queen of the Rodeo. Currently in a coma after being kicked in the head by a rodeo clown. Will wake up with amnesia.

Mary Highland. Poor but honest – housekeeper to the rich family, her trampy daughter is leading the naive scion of the rich family astray.

Mae Walnut. I live three trailers down from Lynne Nitz and am always trying to one up her and failing. I embarrass my children, one of whom is secretly dating one of Lynne’s children. I may have a slight drinking problem. But it’s Lynne’s fault, that smug bitch.