(sob) I'm a bigot.

Alright, let’s give out the details.
I insult people. It’s my thing. I’m good at it. I have a knack for being able to gauge insults that sting, and lay them on in such a way as to provide amusement without causing people to actively hate me. Plus, I self-mock a lot. Now, there is a person in my social circle whom we refer to as Tiger, as almost no one can pronounce his proper name. Tiger is gay. Now, I make fun of the heterosexuals in the group for explictly heterosexual things all the time (Example: Girl A who is engaged to Guy A is talking to Guy B about getting a room reserved for their LARP. I “come into the conversation late” and comment, “You two are getting a room?” Groans, laughter, and evil looks from Guys A and B and Girl A follow). Tonight, I noticed that on some level I felt that it was not appropriate to make fun of Tiger for liking males, although I was ‘allowed’ to make fun of Guy B for liking females. Mind you, I corrected the problem once I realized that I had it: I was drawing comparisons between “Tyger, tyger, burning bright” and our very own flaming Tiger by the end of the night.
But dammit, I fsking don’t want to have this kind of automatic auto-censor. If I feel that heterosexal jokes are OK, then I should damn well feel the same way about jokes about homosexuals. On some level, I don’t. On some level, I discriminate on basis of sexual preference, and that pisses me off.

hey. so long as your an “equal oppourtunity bigot” your all right by me.


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See… and yet you ignore the opportunity to make fun of LARP participants. Those poor, sad, deluded fools.


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Sounds like you’re simply learning the patterns that give rise to “offence” in the modern age. Don’t expect any rationality or fairness to be involved.

When you’ve learnt the patterns and can intuitively avoid causing offence, this will give out the illusion that you are ‘sensitive’. Also you’ll feel a deep sense of your own moral superiority. Then you’ll be compelled to spend time aggressively challenging or snootily ignoring those who fail to match your sensitivity standard.

What’s LARP?

Live Action Role Playing, I believe.

If you have a good rapport with Tiger and he knows your sense of humour, then he will not be offended by taunts. However, if he doesn’t know you well, he may very well be offended. It’s a matter of knowing your audience.

That’s the key - you have to earn the right to make certain kinds of jokes.

I used to work as a bouncer in a bar, and some of the wait staff were stereotypically, effeminately gay. (I was closeted back then - they didn’t know I was bi- but I had a reputation as being “straight but not narrow.”)

anyway, one day I was sitting at the bar talking to the (straight) bartender and a (gay) waiter, who we’ll call “Matt” in honor of my favorite gay SDMBer. A beautiful woman walked by, and both Matt and I broke off what we were saying to watch her pass.

The bartender said, “now, I can understand why TROY just ogled her, but why did YOU, Matt?”

Before I could answer, my mouth leapt into action and said, “I was mentally undressing her, and Matt was putting her into a whole different outfit.”

See, if Matt hadn’t known me well and been aware that I was no homophobe, he might have been offended by that. As it was, I got a HUGE laugh.

There’s really nothing I can add to that. Unless you mean sensitive in the way really good torturers are.

We need a satanic smiley.