Soccer Quiz Questions

Each month, World Soccer magazine posts a diificult question about football and, each month, some friends and I try to answer them. I thought I would offer these questions to the footballing erudition of the board. These are prize questions, but the prize is a football, so I’ve never entered. We take them as simply a test of our football knowledge, and I offer them to you in the same spirit.

  1. Name 15 players who have played in the top division in England, Spain and Italy.
    ( I have the answer to this one, and it is a beast. There are 20 to choose from and we got 3 between us).

  2. Name all the players who have won the European Cup with two different clubs.
    ( Again, our attack on this has been pretty feeble).

  3. Name all nine players to have played for England since the 1966 World Cup whose surnames begin and end with the same letter.
    (We’re actually doing pretty well on this one. We think we’ve got six).

As we do them for fun, we try them without the aid of reference books, and I offer them to you in the same spirit. I will be particularly impressed with anyone who does well on Q.1 without the aid of the internet.