Societ For Creative Anachronism--Lady Tudor Glitz

Dear Dopers,

I’m looking for copies of “Lady Tudor Glitz” cartoon collections, post 1998 only.

They can only be found at SCA meets, & I’m no longer a member. But Lady Tudor Glitz is fun (the old cat!) , & I’d like a copy of any new collection.

Where can I get them? Online, preferably?

Thine Bosda

I haven’t been able to find anything online. I’ll take a look through my old copies of Tournaments Illuminated and see if there’s any information.

Many thanks, Baldwin!

Any other leads, people?

Never heard of this cartoon. But then, I spent 10 years in Ciad before recently moving to Midrealm.

Yours aye’

10 years and I still can’t spell Caid!

Bump? Hopefully?

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