sock monkey?

I’m an sdmb newbie, and I’ve seen the term “sock monkey” several times on the boards. I feel that I am displaying my ignorance to my disadvantage, but I can no longer contain my curiosity.

What is a sock monkey???

I believe it refers to a violation of this rule:

From the SDMB registration agreement

A user in violation of this rule is said to be using the second account as a sock monkey of the first, legitimate account.

I could be way off base, so wait for more responses before you accept my definition.

Given the nature of the question, you might get better results in ATMB.

Thanks very much, amore. I haven’t quite gotten the hang of posting what where yet. I will ask there, so consider this thread closed/moved (as far as I’m concerned, anyway).

What amore refers to is more often referred to as a sock puppet.

Either way, don’t do it. :smiley:

A sock monkey looks like this.


Welcome to the boads. Since this has been answered, I’ll just close it.

Next time, let one of the friendly Moderators move your thread rather than cross-post.

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