Sock-Shoe (2x) or Sock-Sock, Shoe-Shoe

Sock and a Shoe, Sock and a Shoe or
Sock, Sock then Shoe, Shoe?

Personally I’m a Sock and a Shoe (repeat) kinda guy. Less effort having to lift each leg only once.

Your thoughts?

Sock Sock- Shoe, Shoe, and Blast all other ways to Hades!!!

Sock - stumble around for a while grumbling about hating mornings - Sock - make a cup of tea - Shoe - grumble a bit more - Shoe .

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Left sock, right. Left shoe, right. Tie right shoe, tie left.


I am a sock-sock person (socks are in the bedroom, shoes by the door) this debate was played out in an episode of All in the Family between Mike and Archie. Mike reasoned that if a fire broke out in the house and forced them to evacuate after having completed only half their respective foot dressing rituals, Mike could hop around in the snow and keep his feet dry, while Archie would be plodding about in sodden socks.

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Sounds like this would get better play over in IMHO. Off it goes.

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You don’t wear pantyhose, do you?

Left sock/stocking, right sock/stocking, left shoe, right shoe, tie left (if applicable), tie right (if applicable)

Shoe, shoe, sock, sock. That way if there’s a fire half way through the process I have two shoes on, I can do without the socks! :smiley:

Sock, sock, sock, sock, shoe, shoe. Why four socks? Because I invaritably find that my socks don’t match the first time around, or have a hole in them, so I have to put on another pair.

Actually mine is briefs, sock, sock, shirt, pants, belt, shoe, shoe.

Hey Devil-
In all seriousness, that’s my order every work morning as well (on weekends the shoes and socks don’t come out until I’m going somewhere). I always found it easiler to put the socks on before the pants myself. Of course if there’s a fire half way through the process I’m screwed!

Left sock, right sock, left shoe, right shoe.

Does anybody remember this little gem?

Ptahlis wrote:

True, but then Archie countered by bringing up a more likely scenario:

If you go sock-shoe-sock-shoe, and you don’t discover until you’re about to put on the second sock that the second sock has a hole in it, you have to take off your shoe to remove the first sock and replace it with a new matching pair. If you go sock-sock-shoe-shoe, it will be much easier to remove the first sock if you discover a hole in the second.

Of course, you could get around this problem by getting a whole bunch of the same kind of socks, so that you could just discard the one with a hole in it and pick out an identical one from the sock-heap. But Mike didn’t bring up this objection.

I seldom wear sox actually. Left shoe, right shoe, except when it’s right shoe, left shoe. Depends on which way they are facing, I think.

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Personally, I go sock-sock0shoe-shoe. However, there is a very important preliminary step that’s been neglected. That is to put your hand inside each sock and pull out any fluff balls that collected during the last wash, else deal with what feels like a rock in your shoe all day. Lest we forget.

Sock, whine about pulled hamstring, other sock, whine about achy back, shoe, shoe, lose balance and fall due to 4.5 " platforms. Ahh, what I suffer for fashion. :rolleyes:

Goodness, tiggeril, what kind of socks do you wear?

I usually do it sock-sock-shoe-shoe, but for some reason the other morning, I looked down and discovered I had sock-shoed. I was like looking down and discovering I had put my bra on outside my clothes. I just don’t know how it happened.