Sock-Sock-Shoe-Shoe or Sock-Shoe-Sock-Shoe?

Personally, I hate socks AND shoes… I much prefer sandals or bare feet. But when I have to wear them, I prefer to annoy Archie Bunker in my mind as I go sock-sock-shoe-shoe (left-right-left-right, if anyone wants to know :stuck_out_tongue: ).

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That’s insane. Do you keep your shoes and socks in the same place? I keep my socks in the dresser drawer, and my shoes by the door. I don’t have a “sock and shoe” pile from which I would withdraw sock-shoe-sock-shoe. I grab the socks, put them on, then go get the shoes and put them on. Any other way is pure lunacy.

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In reply to i don’t care… I get my socks and my shoes, then I sit down and put them on. Why get up twice?

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December, 1999


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I’m with you. I wear sandals 10 months out of the year, in Albany, NY! I only try to wear shoes if it drops below, say, 20 degrees, or if there’s snow on the ground. Really. I have hot feet, they’re always several degrees warmer than the rest of me, so I really suffer if I have to wear shoes.

However, it’s always sock-sock-shoe-shoe.


don sock don sock don slipper don slipper shed slipper shed slipper don shoe don shoe.

Sock Sock Shoe Shoe. My socks are in the bedroom. My shoes are by the front door.

sock-sock…several minutes pass involving panties, bras, and hair curlers…shoe-shoe

sock-sock-shoe-swear worng socks-shoe off-sock off-sock off-sock-sock-shoe-shoe-break lace-swear-remove shoe-remove shoe-remove sock-remove sock-crawl back into bed whimpering-call in sick.

sock sock shoe shoe. To do it any other way is madness.

I never wear shoes in the house, so they are put on at the very last minute when I leave. Therefore, it is always sock sock. Then later shoe shoe

Underwear, etc - Sock - Shoe - Sock - Shoe

DeHusband does it a bit strange…

Sock - Sock - eats breakfast - Underwear - Shoe - Shoe

Right sock, left sock, right shoe, left shoe.

Underwear, sock, sock, shirt, pants, belt, shoe, shoe. Then if it’s a dress up occasion it’s tie, jacket. We must have order people!

What are these socks of which you speak?

Sinister rebel here. left sock…left shoe…right sock…right shoe. Ya wanna make sompin of it?? :smiley:

He sits around in just his socks? Am I to presume he’s naked?
Doesn’t he know, no one and especially no man, can comandeer any sort of respect in just socks? Maybe some cute girl in just bobby socks, but men look ridiculous in just socks!