Sock sock, shoe shoe or sock shoe, sock shoe?

My answer is obvious.

As is your intelligence.

Next time do a search.

Well, you obviously have just enough intellect to know you put your socks on before your shoes.

Oh, wait…my bad. You must’ve had beginners luck.

IIRC, this was an arguement that Archie Bunker and “Meathead” had. I can’t recall who took what side. But the point was that if you had only two items on then had to run outside in the rain, what would be the best to be wearing: two socks that are gonna get wet, or a fully-dressed foot (sock/shoe) and a naked foot. The naked foot’ll get cold and wet, but at least when you go back in, your last sock’ll be dry.

Actually, with me it’s "rightsock, leftsock, right second sock, left second sock. I wear two pair of socks, two on each foot. Because I am strange. However, if I wore two pair of socks, three on one foot and one on the other, I would be even stranger, certifiable perhaps.

Strange, but somehow engagingly sane.

No socks, sandals on

Frankly, I like to wear my socks OUTSIDE of my shoes…call me crazy.

That’s not crazy, that’s stupid.


Shoe, sock, shoe, sock?

Socks on Shoes on, I know you can be more original than this:

When you put your socks on you appear to be another sock puppet. If you’re gonna be one, be a bit more entertaining.

You know, after all these years, I still like soup.

Archie Bunker was sock sock shoe shoe, Meathead sock shoe sock shoe, for those who otherwise would have stayed up all night wondering.

Personally, I think you’re all fools.

I gird my loins before I even give a crap about my feet.

“Gee, I THOUGHT I felt a draft… oh well, at least my sock-shoe dilemma is solved.”