Soft black spots

Years ago, when I was a kid, I was lying down in the bush overlooking a lake in northern Ontario. I was watching these girls swimming and giggling, but I didn’t want to be seen. A short time later I developed about a dozen black spots ranging from pea size to dime size on my arms and legs.Shortly thereafter, the black spots just seemed to rot, and I could rub off the black skin exposing the raw red skin underneath. The problem then just disappeared. Has anyone else experienced this? What was it?

I think you failed to tell us the most important part:

were they skinny-dipping?

I always heard that this kind of thing would cause hair to grow on your palms or go blind, but I guess it can give you black spots.

Who knew?

…or make you go blind…

I hate it when I ruin a good joke with poor presentation. Damn it all!

spider bites?