Software: Omni Page Pro 12.0 scan formatting

Someone at my office lost the saved electronic copy of a Word Perfect 10 document she was revising.

Lectures on saving a backup copy aside…

We’ve tried to scan the paper copy into an OCR scanner using OmniPage Pro 12.0.

Caveat: I know a bit about MS Word but am much less competent in Word Perfect and OmniPage.

Using the “Retain Fonts and Paragraphs” setting, I was able to get it to NOT place annoying “frames” (like text boxes in MS Word) around the paragraphs. But there is still ugly formatting and there are numerous small blue “comment” tags (at least that’s the MS Word equivalent they remind me of) in the left margin (they look like either a quote bubble with " " in it, or a square made of several horizontal blue lines).

The document is mostly a text document with some outline-style numbering (I., A., etc.) and resulting indentation. There is a table of contents and one line drawing.

In the scanned version, things like the letters designating subsections are out of position, so instead of:

I. Main item
A. Sub item
B. Sub item

we get:


I.Main item
Sub item
Sub item
I’ll try and summarize my questions:

  1. Does anyone know enough about OmniPage Pro 12.0 to suggest a better setting to retain, when we scan the paper original, the indentations and formatting of the table of contents and outline items?

  2. Is anyone able to help us get rid of the many little “comment tag” things in the left margin?

Thanks, I know how hard it is to diagnose these things remotely.