Solar storm detection

So OK there is a solar storm out there somewhere.
It might hit earth???
So how do I know when it gets here?
Is there a home solar storm detector?
Can I make one cheaply in the next couple of minutes?

Tune an AM radio to a weak, but steady station. When it goes away suddenly, that’s a pretty good indicator. Geomagnetic storms caused by solar flares and CMEs distrupt radio communications, especially the lower bands.

What units are nts?

nT is nano-Tesla, a measure of magnetic field strength (flux density). I think it’s just the ACE satellite magnetometer reading.

Are the times GMT?
Time at ACE?
Couldn’t access NASA site completely.
Things are pretty slow today.

Lots of aurora info in these previous threads:

Looks like it’s due to hit in about 35 minutes as of the time of this post.