Soliciting baby name opinions - GETTY

My wife has this idea for a baby name in the event we decide to have a kid at some point. Boy or girl, the proposed name is…


It was inspired by John Getty but only insofar as my wife enjoys the history of that period, not that John Getty is particularly inspirational himself. I don’t know much about him other than he was a rich oil man and philanthropist.

Love it or hate it, what do you think about that as a baby name? Thanks.

Very cool; I like unusual, but not ridiculous, names (I named my own son “Dashiell”). It’s a sure bet he/she’ll be the only “Getty” in a classroom of Jims, Bobbys, Lindas and Jennifers.

Meh. Makes me think of Gettysburg, first, and the Getty Museum, second. I think it’d be okay on a girl, bad on a boy.

I think you should go with Geddy instead.

We didn’t think of that angle. However, my wife loves Civil War history too, so that connection make make her more eager to use it.

In many North American accents, it will be very close to Geddy. You like Rush?

I hate it - but mainly because we have Getty gas stations around here.

They’re ok. Never really got into them beyond Moving Pictures.

The first thing I thought of was Estelle Getty.

I like Geddy Lee though. Over all, I think it would work much better for a boy than a girl.

I dunno. I definitely don’t like it and sounds like she’d be cursed to a lifetime of people mispronouncing her name and asking things like “What’s that from?” or “What a…unique…name…”

I say you can find a better name. I’m not a fan of unusual, androgynous names, especially not ones that don’t automatically elicit images of the thing you’re trying to honor. Also, most last names don’t make good first names. This, IMO, is no exception.

Besides, neither you nor your wife knows much about this guy, and even then it’s not really about him so much as the era he lived in? Those are poor reasons to pick his name. Pick someone with significant meaning to you.

Not for me. Sounds short for “Spaghetti.”

It’s not a ‘pretty’ name, certainly. It’s a name I’d like to give to a book character or a pet, but not a child.

I thought exactly the same thing Zoe did: sounds like a kid saying “spaghetti.” Definitely do not like.

Gas station.

Or one of those really clunky old-fashioned nicknames, like Hettie or Letty.

Strange name, and not in a good way IMHO.

Eh. I’m not a fan but it’s not as horrible as other names I’ve seen. Only for a boy though, it wouldn’t work for a girl.

I do like unusual names, but not this one. Estelle Getty was my first thought.

First place I went - Geddy Lee. Second - Spaghetti. If you’re good with your little girl spending her entire childhood as Getty Spaghetti, go for it! (They say the test of a child’s name is to go yell it out the back door five or 10 times. :smiley: )

I thought of the gas station. It’s much better than Lukoil or Exxon though.