Solitare One Card Draw Odds-They are liars.

I lost 89 straight games :(:(:(:(:mad::mad::mad:of solitare one card draw and the odds are 1 in 2 games. I need a Youtube video of a win ASAP.

Did you sign up here just to complain about this?

Where did you find the “1 in 2 odds”? That seems awfully high.

I haven’t played in a long time, but thanks to you, I fired up the solitaire program on my computer and… I won! :smiley:

You do realize that there’s more than one path in every game, right? I actually at one time had a version of Klondike solitaire that, like freecell, would let you play the same game over. I could quite often go back and make an unwinnable game winnable.

With the real program, I find that playing 3-card and then using the 1-card cheat after you’ve lost works the best. (Control-Alt-Shift-click on the deck to draw one card instead of three. And don’t forget about the Undo feature).

Oh, and don’t forget that you can take stuff back off the aces stack. That has helped me win a lot of otherwise unwinnable games

As for a YouTube video, I can’t find any that aren’t using the silly cheat, and I’ve not found any good screen recording software to do it myself.

Heck, I thought of a way to make a video. It has all the things I mentioned in it, and I didn’t even try. Enjoy.