Solve some rock'n'roll song mysteries

Take a song that tells a story, but doesn’t resolve it and play detective or offer closure:

Bobby Goldsboro abysmal “Honey”.

So she was sweet, possibly dim-witted young woman who cried at old movies and enjoyed planting scraggly trees (despite her husband’s ridicule, the bastard). One day she dies, as witnessed by the lyrics:

Was it God’s winged messengers?

Oh no, my Doper friends, it was Hell’s Angels.

Yep, our sweet little Honey played ol’ Bobby for quite the fool! Seems she was into her smack dealer some 50 large and she couldn’t come up with the cash. A few minutes with a rusty crow bar and Honey debts are paid in full.

Hmmmmm…no takers, eh?

Oh, well.