some avatar creation assistance, if you please

I thought I would explore the new avatar capability. The SDMB control panel option says avatars can be 50 x 50 pixels or 19.5 Kb, whichever is smaller. Easy enough to do but what’s the ideal pixels-per-inch value? Or perhaps it isn’t a relevant factor?

Utterly irrelevant.

I agree.

A pixel doesn’t have a size. It’s essentially a point. How many pixels you have per inch is just a matter of how big you display or print the image.

The PPI settings on an image is just metadata for special layouts and such. It doesn’t actually affect the image.

What I will say is that you should try to pick an image that looks good at about half an inch square, just as a guideline.

How does one set up an avatar?

Go to your control panel. Find avatar set up, follow instructions.

User cp= control panel
Edit avatar= instructions