Some Country NEEDS TO get NUKED!!

Some country needs to pay with their lives. America can not sit back and let these towel headed terrorist get away with this anymore. They need to know that not only will they die but their families and everybody in their screwy little sorry ass country is going to die as well.

Sure innocent people are going to die but so did some ours. I know a bunch of you liberal people are going to disagree but we are at war and when you are at war people die. They started it. We didn’t. We are just going to FINISH IT!

It is time to show our strength again like we did at the end of WWII.

Man I am pissed OFF!!!

Allow me to be the first.

  1. The loss of life here is surely horrible, but are you actually stupid enough to claim that the US should murder the entire population of any particular country?

  2. “Towel headed terrorists”? Got some inside info you’d like to share with us about who is responsible for today’s events?

Really. Are you, personally enlisting? Geez, guess we’ll be hearing from RosieWolf next.

Bill, here are some constructive actions that would actually help the situation:

  1. Volunteer time and resources to assist victims and their relatives

  2. If one’s expertise allows, help determine how at least four domestic flights were successfully hijacked, despite the security controls that have been in place for more than 20 years

  3. If one’s expertise allows, determine how future large structures could be constructed to minimise the chance of complete collapse following impact of a plane in its upper floors

  4. Shut the hell up until something substantive is known about who may be responsible for this series of attacks.

Bill, this situation is horrifying enough without your pinheaded, racist rhetoric!

So you want to kill innocents people to avenge an act someone who looked like them committed? I hear Osama Bin Laden is looking for some pilots, why don’t you join up? Your words indicate you have the same kind of vileness in your heart.

I’m closing this thread, as there are other threads about this. El_Kabong has some good suggestions for action. Let’s wait until we get some facts, hmmmm?

For the Straight Dope

Bill ya knob. Calm the fuck down.

  1. YOU DO NOT KNOW WHO DID THIS. Ok there have been reports of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine claiming responsibility but then again there this story Palestinian terrorist group denies carrying out attacks.

Cut the racist shit out and you might get a better hearing.