Some folks are just dumber than a box of hammers....

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Fuel is expensive. So what do you idiots do? You drive around the Loop WASTING FUEL and slowing other drivers down and making them waste fuel as well!!

Buncha friggin’ morons…

Because making everybody else late really rallies people to your side.

Is a box of hammers more dumb or less dumb than a single hammer?

Maybe they sold their irony meters to pay for fuel.

More hammers = more dumber

I’ve never understood why protestors have never been able to understand this. Blocking traffic only makes everyone hate you and, by extension, your cause.

Protesters: why must you distrupt rush hour?

I thought it was “**Bag **of Hammers” and “Box of Rocks.”

Well if ya wanna get hyper-technical, it’s sack of hammers.

I’m not going to make any stupid references, but I presume you are aware that some very annoying protests have been very effective, both here and abroad.

(If you want to accuse me of equating truckers with anyone else, here is your chance. It won’t come again. :rolleyes: )

The problem with this protest is that there’s nothing anyone can do. Nobody can be lobbied to reduce fuel prices, nobody can be shot to immediately solve the energy crisis, nobody can be impeached to bring gas down to under a dollar a gallon again. Protesting high gas prices is as dumb as staging a sit-in to end a drought.

Maybe the “problem” is clothahump doesn’t think anyone but the administration shouldn’t have any say in anything…

and you take the lead…

Well, various legislators could be lobbied to reduce fuel taxes

Or maybe he thinks that people can make their point without adversely affecting a bunch of other people who suffer from the same situation.

Well, it’s better than last year where thirty truckers parked their rigs on the interstate just outside of LA at 730 in the morning, (to protest the recent increase in fuel prices :frowning: )

That is true. However, it won’t magically put oil in the ground or increase the efficiency of our oil recovery methods.

And anyway, if fuel was suddenly untaxed consumption would go up, contributing to the real problem.

[sarcasm]Wait a minute. I thought they alrady reduced everyone’s taxes. Oh just for the extremely wealthy.[/sarcasm]

Lowering or even eliminating fuel taxes wouldn’t have much effect, either. Taxes are what, maybe 20% of the cost of a gallon of gas? That’d bring prices back to where they were a few months ago, when everyone was still complaining about high gas prices.

Driving slower actually saves fuel. :stuck_out_tongue:

At LAST!! I’ve been waiting for years for the opportunity to accuse you of equating truckers with anyone else!!