Some help needed - looking for an 80s pop song

I remember when I was a kid I had an old compilation (store-bought) cassette of sub-par “hits”, which included a few which I inevitably fell for, one was Kim Wilde’s “Cambodia”, and another was a song that remains a mystery to me. The tape is long gone but I’d love to try and track down this song again. It’s sung by a male, and has prominent keyboards and guitar (well that narrows it down huh). It’s kind of similar to that song “My angel’s a centerfold”, which I remember was also on the tape.

The chorus goes:
“Just how high do you think I can go?
Just how high can you take me? (I wanna know)”

I can remember a few words here and there from the verses but not enough to string together another line. :frowning:
I’ve tried to Google the chorus but no luck. Anyone recognize the lyric?
(it’s a very cheesy kind of song and I probably wouldn’t admit to liking it if I didn’t have to, but if you feel the same way please confess! I NEED to know the name of this song!)

Is it “Misfit” by Curiosity Killed the Cat?


no :frowning:

Can You Take Me Higher?

Negative… final bump

Check out the website Name My Tune where you can upload a few seconds of yourself performing(humming, singing, etc.) what you remember of the tune. Pick a category and then people will try to guess what the title and artist are. I’ve never uploaded one, just answered a bunch(I had a couple years as a DJ when I was in college) so not sure how it works exactly, but it may be something you’d get results from. I’d recommend reading their privacy policy before signing up for anything though. Always a good idea.