Some new staff assignments

We don’t usually announce when staffers change forum areas – people shift around according to need and availability and that varies wildly at times – but we have a few here and so:

Ellen Cherry has been added to The Game Room.
Invisible Wombat has been added to General Questions.
Marley23 has been added to Great Debates.
Miller has been added to the Pit.
Xash is back with us (at least for a little while) and has been added to ATMB.

A big thank you to all the dedicated people who work here.

I’ll pre-empt the Great Debates denizens by saying “there goes the neighborhood!”

Awww, someone needs a hug today :smiley:

But is there any pecking order in neighbourhoods? Do you have every one wanting to moderate Cafe Society because of the free food, and kepp out of the Pit because of the fighting?

Seems to be going okay so far. (I was kidding above.)

As long as we keep a steady supply of hookers and blow, everybody’s pretty happy.

Except the hookers.

They miss Frank. :slight_smile:

No one cares about the feelings of the blow??? :eek:

wakes up groggy Where am I? Is this a barn? What are all these goats doing here? Who are you people?

The goats are to usher you into your new administrator position. Slow deep breaths, no sudden movements and just plain ol’ relaxation and it’ll be over soon. You might even enjoy it. :wink:

Yay! We drafted and acquired Ellen Cherry to the Game Room as the number one pick!

WoOt! Hopefully, this’ll give us some advantage when those ever so decisive board playoffs come around, we can depend on Ellen Cherry’s steady arm and bursts of uncanny “running from the Cops” speed to help us delete the spammers, ban-hammer the trolls, and dive into the end zone for Thread Spotting Victory!

But I hear she throws like a girl.

I read that as hookahs.

What, Frank’s not collecting his “pension?”

<bows> I am SO GLAD my true talents are now being recognized.

I thought blow ensured that hookers were happy? What the hell do they expect if not blow? I wish I had some hookers and blow although I don’t know what I’d do with either one of them Pass them on to my friends, if I had any, I guess.

No friends. No hookers. No blow. What exactly are you living for? Do you prefer the chase than actually having hookers and blow and to a lesser extent, friends?