Some People Are Just Full of Themselves!

Take these 3 examples:

I rest my case!

Okay, I’ll only comment on the first page (which doesn’t seem to be a porn site, strangely).

  1. The background… the background… eyes… bleeding…

  2. STOP LOADING, DAMMIT!!! It seems this woman has raided the 'Net for every single Javascript out there and plugged them all into her site! It took nine minutes (I was bored and waited) to load the whole page! Granted, I only have a 28.8 connection, but SHEESH… use some judgement, girl!

  3. The first link on her site is addressed to “People who don’t like me or my page”. It’s a basic “I know you are but what am I?” kind of deal. Apparently, she has trouble taking criticism.

  4. She’s not particularly sexxxy (whatever that means).

The content on the page seems to consist of many pics of this woman (girl, whatever), painful-on-the-eyes backgrounds, an essay about her fingernails… and that’s about it.

I cannot stress this thing about bad backgrounds enough… urgh! I need new glasses now just from viewing that page!! Argh!!! Pain! Like… red-hot needles… in my brain…!

Unless you want that wonderfully fucked up software that is CometCursor to load on your computer.

What the hell Silo?

Wanna give a warning before linking to a site that contains spyware?

Hey, I just told it to NOT DL Cometcursor. But still… the pain… rainbows… puzzle pieces… argh!!!


For those of us with a fast connection that need to disable certain security software to view the Straight Dope, the deed is done before you can stop it.

If it happens to you, like it did to me, you can track down the installed software with ad-aware. It’s a little app that erases horseshit software like CometCursor.

Why use ad-aware or a similar uninstall program? Because Comet’s uninstall from the control panel does absolutely nothing.

  • This isn’t a plug for ad-aware, I’m refering to it as a courtesy to those that accidently click that link.

A warning would have been nice.

Sorry 'bout that, Cnote. It didn’t cross my mind when I posted it.

The site is part of an ad campaign from Lee Jeans, along with You can read about it here if you like.

I appreciate the reply Silo.

Software like that sets me off. My only hope is that there’s a special place in hell for people who can come up with that kind of shit.

A background link.