Some People

Last night my children’s elementary school put on a production they’ve been working on for some time. The theme of this production is “Peace be unto you” and to that end most of the content was about getting along and being better people. The highlight of the production is a song from the students wherein they sing “Peace unto you” in multiple different languages. In addition a group of children walk across the stage, each holding the flag of a different country, while the narrator indicates which flag is which countries.

At one point the American flag is carried across the stage. Much cheering. Later on the Afghanistan flag is carried across the stage. Catcalls and booing. WHAT. THE. FUCK. This isn’t Afghanistan you’re booing you stupid shits! This is a third grader who thinks you hate them! Not to mention it’s a production about peace! Do you think this child can tell the difference between your abstract hostility towards another country and him personally? Aieee… I’m just angry about the whole thing.

Yes, after the original booing a large number of people cheered and applauded (presumably because they were disgusted and wanted to show thier support) but still… some people.


That sucks. Kid should have given them the finger.

Seriously, though, isn’t it great that PARENTS are setting this kind of example for kids???

How utterly crass.

I’m glad my kid will learn at school such great things as hatred, blind nationalism, and jingoism.

Homeschooling is looking better and better.

Better and better and better.

Holy crud, as if Afghanistan were our enemy, not the Taliban/al-Qaeda. I knew some Americans were really stupid, but every day there are new examples of just how our average IQ has dropped. Idiots.

I weep for the future of humanity.

And we wonder why there are playground bullies?

How did these slackjaws recognize the flag of Afghanistan? I would have thought that they would have had difficulty with most flags – like, oh, say those of Canada and the UK.

The kid’s gonna grow up to be a terrorist now. Way to go, Some People! He’s gonna start up the New Simian Nation Alliance and the ndisappear for two decades, then resurface as a nice guy down the block, somebody will finger him for blowing up police cars back in the 20s and he’ll blame it on Some People.

How many times did these pea brains here somebody on TV say “We are not at war with Afghanistan, we are at war with terrorists and their supporters” or something similar?


Personally, I weep for the present.

The OP said the narrator rattled off each country. Undoubtedly, these people could not have recognized the flag on their own.

I think it would have been great to call the boo-ers up to the mic and ask them to share their reasons for doing so. But, I fear the exchange would have been along the lines of:

Teacher: Why did you boo the Afghanistan flag?

Fucking Idiot: Cause Afghanistan sucks and America ROCKS!!!

Crowd: <wild cheering for idiot-boy drowns out intelligent, logical responses from the few who could make them>

–B, who has little faith in the intelligence of the average person

Damn. That’s the most depressing thing I’ve heard since this whole mess began.

Poor kid.

Yes, some people are huge idiots. And it’s not just the ones in the audience, either.

I had a student in art class draw a violent “America Rocks! Kill the terrorists! Down with Pakistan!” picture and put it up in the window without my permission. So, not only did I have to write him up, the principal and I had to explain that Pakistan was currently an ally, and maybe he was thinking of Afghanistan, and even then, we weren’t fighting a war against them. When I told his mom, she just shook her head in despair.

Yeah! America Rocks! Kill the terrorists! Down with Canada! Red white and blue, baby!

Just joshin’ ya. Honestly, I’m listening to Neil Young right now. BTW, you’d think they’d have better coordination between air and ground forces at this point. It’s so sickening when people are killed in “friendly fire.”

That makes me very sad. As a teacher, I’d have to be held back from making an ad-lib lecture to the parents about setting a good example and tolerance.

This is precisely why my daughter will NEVER live in the USA. If she has even 1/2 of the garbage I had during the Hostage Crisis era, I’d be raising holy heck and taking names.

I KNOW that this is probably an isolated incident, and not all schools/communities harbour this type of idiocy, but I wouldn’t take a chance with her self-image. It’s just not worth it.

should read…“If she HAD even 1/2 of the…”

You live in France, Anahita? Lucky!!! :smiley:

As for this incident, all I can do is sigh. :frowning:

How depressing. And the parents have supposedly completed school.

The drama is so overblown in these posts. Chicken little would be proud.

The drama is so overblown in these posts. Chicken little would be proud.