Some questions about "Rules Of Attraction" (the novel)

I just finished reading Brett Easton Ellis’s Rules Of Attraction and I have some questions about it. First of all, there is some confusion about whether Paul and Sean are actually having a homosexual relationship. My girlfriend suggests that they are not, and that Paul is simply obsessed with Sean and writes fictitious accounts of sexual experiences with him. I, however, am wondering if maybe Sean is just in denial about it, and Paul’s explicit accounts of their wild sexual encounters are actually the truth.

Also, could anyone give me an English translation of the French chapter?

And how could Ellis be so uninformed as to write about Sean “putting his foot on the accelerator” of a motorcycle? I’d think that a wildly successful writer would know that’s not how it works, or at least do the research if he didn’t.

It’s been a while since I read the book but IIRC Sean was exclusively straight.