Some questions about Touching Evil

I was watching *Touching Evil * on USA Network and I noticed that it was based on a previous series. A little look at IMDB and I found that it was a mini-series (or at least 2 miniseries) in England. Apparantly it was on PBS also but I missed that. I do like the series so far and I will keep watching it, though I would rather be watching new episodes of Monk. Has anyone seen both versions? I would like to know how they compare. Are they following the plots of the previous episodes or just using the same back-story? Is the original available to rent or buy?

Check out this review (I just read it myself this afternoon):

I’m not sure I agree with the poor review - I’ve watched two episodes of Touching Evil and liked them (I’m taping tonight’s). However, when I found out that my boyfriend, Robson Green, played Creegan in the original, I headed to Netflix to see if anything was available. It looks like part of Series 3 (is that the same as season 3?) at the very least is available.

I’ve seen the first three episodes of the USA Network version of Touching Evil, and so far, I’m impressed.

I’ve only seen the first season/series of the original. Some parts are closely adapted, and others are very different. (The “Y ME” episode seems like the most obvious departure – the original was more about euthanasia than abandonment, and developed the Near Death Experience theme more. Structurally, it’s about the same, but it’s the most radically different adaptation so far. I wonder what is in back of the decision to change it? )

Either they’re skipping entire some plotlines, or they’re leaving them out altogether. (“Justine” was originally tied to an earlier story by her creepy devotee.)

This is a great series. I like the disturbed American Cyril much better. Pruitt Taylor Vince kicks ass. (Hard not to think of Identity with this role, but I’m trying. Hard.)

I do find the Vancouver locations a bit distracting at times – I keep feeling like I’m being forcibly yanked out of San Francisco & environs. Mostly forgivable stuff, that wouldn’t stand out if I didn’t walk past it a dozen times a week, but I really have to question the decision to show signage for the City Centre Motor Hotel (where Detective Creegan has his digs) so prominently – The sign features a stylized version of Vancouver’s skyline, including the distinctive Harbour Centre. What the hell? :smiley:

I have watched both. I found the PBS series much more chilling. It was so good that I had to pull the dog and cat close for “protection”. The series on USA does not have that edge to it and the partner is not done quite right either, I just don’t think they develop her like they should.

Also Robson Green (Creegan on PBS series) is able to project a phychotic look in his eyes, while Jeffrey Donovan (Creegan on USA series) just looks like he isn’t all there (like the elevator don’t go to the top floor).

I’m ok the one on USA and will continue to watch it, but loved the series done by PBS.

All I know is, if you do it, you get turned into a hermit crab.