Some thoughts on Bob Saget

Late in the evenings, on occasion, I will watch old eps of America’s Funniest Home Videos on PAX. They show the ones from the Bob Saget era. Now, I hate Bob Saget as much as the next sentient being, what with Full House and his crappy stand-up act and all. His “performance” on AFHV doesn’t exactly set the world on fire (although I’d like to set the TV on fire, I just watch for the videos).

After several weeks of this no-talent hack, I have come to the conclusion that he is actually a Wile E. Coyote-level super-genius.

He knew he sucked and yet had convinced ABC to pay him a lot of money to appear on not one, but two of their most popular (at the time) shows. His banter on AFHV is proof positive he was aware of his suckitude. If there was ever a “These idiots actually pay me for this so I’m going to milk for everything it’s worth” attitude, he’s got it in spades.

So there you go, Bob Saget is one of the smartest “stars” to ever grace the old cathode ray tube.

I’ve heard comedians love Saget’s stand-up. I haven’t seen or heard any of it, but I know he’s incredibly blue. It must be pretty funny to see people going to his show because they liked him on those two TV shows, and leaving after they get an earful of his raunchy material.

They say his version of The Aristocrats is the filthiest of the bunch. It may not be funny, but that’s still quite an accomplishment.

I imagine that folks who check out Joe Rogan’s standup because he seems so nice on that cool Fear Factor show get a similar shock. :smiley:

There’s probably a similar reaction when people go to see Doug Stanhope, Rogan’s partner on the last season The Man Show. Instead of being surprised at the raunchiness, though, I bet they’re shocked that he’s actually funny. I heard some of his act on a streaming internet radio station, and was quite surprised that the guy is actually pretty damn funny, unlike that season of TMS.

Mrs. Evil Captor and I were discussing Bob Saget earlier today. We agreed that he projects this really intense need to be liked, which paradoxically makes you not like him. Maybe network execs fall for that “please love me” act he does with those puppy dog eyes of his, or maybe they think viewers do. Personally, it just makes me want to put him in a sack of Carolyn Keane kittens and drown them all.

My disgust for Bob Saget was totally blasted away when I saw him work blue. He was extremely witty, totally hilarious and very, very dirty.

Whenever I saw him on AFHV or accidentally stumbled into Full House I it seemed like I could still see the same smart comic lurking behind his bland nice-guy act. Expecially on AFHV, I noticed that he was slipping in some interesting gags now and then.

Don’t forget that many of us still alive and roaming in the world have never seen an episode of Full House and know Sagat only from his stand-up work. He’s funny and perceptive and we have no hate for him.

I recall seeing him on Evening at the Improv in the 80’s. I guess his blue standup is a LOT better than his clean stuff, because it sucked hard.

You lucky, lucky dog, you.

Don’t be too hard on Bob. He used to suck dick for crack.

I enjoyed his performance on the Showtime series Huff where he played (what else?) the star of a family sitcom, who was addicted to cocaine.

Bob Saget didn’t write the material for either AFHV and Full House. He seems to be wincing at what he HAS to say on AFHV. He probably loathed the material as much as John Belushi loathed the ‘bee’ skits of SNL yore.

But he never sucked dick for weed!

(Besides, wasn’t it just plain old garden-variety cocaine? I mean, he was supposed to be a typical high-power, overstressed, coke-snortin’ junior exec type, right?)

So, I once heard (I am not sure of this is true or not) that there is no single word for the phrase “not funny.” I decided a new word should be made post haste. That word was “sagat.” Example: Dude, you hit me in the face with a pie! That is so sagat."

Unfortunately, my usage never caught on.

I feel like the whole world (or at least everyone posting in this thread) is pulling my leg.

Come on, admit it. You all got together and said “Let’s mess with Turek’s mind and pretend Bob Saget is a) funny and b) a foul-mouthed son-of-a-bitch.” Ha-ha, very funny guys. Joke’s on me. Turek was wooshed.

I find him mildy annoying on the things I’ve seen him in, but I cannot for the life of me picture him saying the things attributed to him.

Come on. Admit it.

Jesus, I’m nauseous. Y’all almost had me wanting to love Bob Saget afterall, until I read Revtim’s post. There’s certain things you JUST DON’T joke about, and fingering your newborn daughter is way beyond the line.

I hope that story isn’t true. For his daughers’ sakes.

I agree that Revtim’s post shows that he goes too far, but as an actor, he’s better than Full House shows. Remember that episode of Quantum Leap he was in? And he was just in an Off-Broadway play a couple of months ago and was given pretty good reviews (I didn’t catch him in that). But yes, his persona on AFHV drives me up the [we’re in Cafe Society] wall.

I am so going to hell for laughing at this.

Oh, and FTR, I really do love cats. It’s the whole Carolyn Keane/Bob Saget/Pure Shock combo that got me . . .