Somebody go invent this and sell me one.

You know those little deodorizer things you hang over the lip of your toilet?

Yeah, I want that only instead of a deodorizer I want there to be a light with a sensor that can tell when I’m standing in front of the toilet.

This would make getting up in the middle of the night to take a pee a whole lot easier. And make me a better aim!!

The nightlight’s already been invented.


Don’t you fire a few tracer rounds to make sure you’re aiming straight?

Yeah, but that’s not as fun though.

Donn’t we all? :smiley:

You can thank me with cash

Like the username/post combo! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, how I want to surprise my husband with one of those. Trust me; he’ll be surprised.

(It would freak me the fuck out to see that light. However, I have no problem turning on the existing light, none whatsoever. Also, there’s not the slightest chance I would miss, if you know what I mean.)

You might try a flashlight and a really big funnel, if no reasonable alternatives come to mind. Like turning on the light and lifting the lid.

Or you might inject your penis with radium or some other glow in the dark material; cover it with fireflies before you go to sleep. I can’t answer for the results if the fireflies decided to walk around in their idle time.

If I have to go in the middle of the night, I just sit. It allows me to keep the lights off and keep my eyes closed and maintain a semblance of sleepiness, and no mess to clean up in the morning.

No matter how dark it is it’s hard to miss the shower.