Somebody point Wolfstu here

Hey, fuckhead - don’t post to threads that are more than a month old.

It’s one thing to be a newbie, it’s another thing to be a fuckup.


Esprix, your application for Welcome Wagon Coordinator is in the mail! :wink:

Ahh not only was it enough to have someone pick my movies for me but now there are people telling me what I can and cannot post too :wink: Woo Hoo

Wait a minute - people get bitched at all the time for starting a new thread when it’s already been discussed in an older one. Shouldn’t it be better to keep the number of new threads down by using the existing ones?

BTW, Esprix, you are being quite the hypocrite. Here is an example of you posting to a THREE MONTH old thread.

There’s nothing wrong with resurrecting a thread when you have something new to add. Even if it’s ten years old. I’m not sure wolfstu had something valuable to add each and every time, but simply starting a Pit thread because he resurrected a few old threads makes little sense. Do you have some examples where he resurrected a thread without adding to it?

Hey, Esprixwolfstu’s recycling, man! Don’t you love your planet?

Yeah, the way I see it, wolfstu is being a smart newbie. Instead of creating a bunch of new threads, he probably went to the ‘Search’ feature that so many people seem to overlook, and found several threads he was interested in and posted to them. I’m going to go use it to find which old threads have Esprix in a tizzy…

Just on the side, is there a term in SDMB lingo for posters like Wolfstu? Resurrector? Grave robber? Recycler?

Wolfstu, Reanimator

Seriously, I can’t see what Esprix’s problem is. Better to post to a month-old thread than to start yet another one dealing with the same topic.

Wolfstu does seem to be posting to the threads, and not just “bumping” them back up to clog things up. If the thread isn’t locked, it sure SEEMS like it is fair game to post to.
I’ve got to say that I think the obvious cut-off should be any thread that has been dead since the change over from HTML. I hate seeing all that dead code showing up as text. Even if a topic has been done before, starting a new thread and linking it to the old one seems valid.

It’s not like we just did the 2nd Amendment once and then moved on:)


You fuckin ROCK man!

Humor AND profundity all in one, small, pocketsized sentence!

OK, one month I’ll grant, but we’re talking a year old. That’s excessive and highly annoying.

And if a thread started by Wally end up on page one, you know there’s gonna be hell to pay…


Oh, and Batdz, you can go fuck yourself, too. A thread that’s been through three strong incarnations has, methinks, a bit more fortitude than a thread that hasn’t been posted to since June 1999.


Oh, and relevance too.
Truly inspired…

So Esprix, you start off with

Badtz points out you’ve done it yourself, and you come back with:

Yeah, that seems fair and reasonable, honest.

Geezzus Esprix, THAT was really uncalled for. It seems like we get bitched at if we start a topic that has been done, and we get bitched at if we resurect a topic we are interested in. So once everything under the sun has been discussed, the only place with new posts in it will be MPSIMS.
Personaly, I LOVE it when an old dead thread of mine is brought back to life. Kinda like having a long lost beloved relative suddenly stop in for a visit.

Man, you need to take a vacation or something.

Did somebody piss in yer wheatees this morning?

Who pissed in my Wheaties? Perhaps y’all have forgotten the implicit phrase that starts every Pit thread - “It is my personal opinion that…”

Dredging up old threads pisses the fuck out of me - YMMV. He can continue to do what he wants, but it makes him look like a pleeb to me, and I’m sure others. However, based on the responses to this thread, perhaps I’m in the minority on this issue (yeah, that’d be a first). Whoopdeedoo.

And y’all say I’m cranky? Sheesh…


It seems to be a double-edged sword here. If a newbie starts a thread about a subject that has been on the boards before, then it is inevitable that a long-standing board member posts “this has already been done…”, posting links, etc.

Yet, if he follows the advice of said member, and uses the search function and posts to an old thread, he must suffer the wrath of Esprix?

So, what’s worse?

Fuck you Exprick. If you don’t like resurected threads then fucking IGNORE them. Don’t read them.

What is it about resurected threads that piss you off so? Did a resurected thread molest you as a child? Did they rob your gramma of her social security check? Did they kill your dog?

Talk about yer over-blown, self-importaint, “Look-at-me,-I’ve-been-on-the-board-for-oh-so-long-a-time-aren’t-newbies-idiots?”, stupid rants.

What the fuck, did you run out of gay issues to be pissed about today?

What is your solution to this stupid “Problem”? Would you have us post threads that have already been done so you could bitch at us for re-hashing an old topic and graciously post the link to show us how there is absolutely NOTHING we could add to the brilliant discussion that preceded our joining this board, back in the day?

Get friggin bent. No wait. Don’t get friggin bent.

Count me as one who rather enjoys old threads being revived for new thoughts and views. Granted, to pull an old thread from the past for no other purpose than to be obnoxious is annoying, but other than that, what is the harm in newbies searching the archives (don’t we encourage that?) and seeing a discussed topic that they would like to contribute to?