Somebody point Wolfstu here

This argument is silly. And all of the incensed words being tossed back and forth are only feedin’ the fire, ya know? particlewill, some of those comments are uncalled for. But then, most of you (myself included) see Esprix’s vehement support of his opinion as a little…overboard?

So he doesn’t like old threads being resurrected? So what–? he’s already made his point.

And Esprix, please try and not get yourself worked up enough to start a Pit thread every time it happens, 'kay? Because it’s most likely a practice that isn’t going to stop and it really isn’t worth getting into a big tizzy about. Otherwise, the threads would be coded to automatically lock once a certain date had past.

(Some say my advice isn’t worth a pair of dingo’s kidneys. But being a Pit thread, this is just my opinion, anyways.)

JavaMaven, I assure you there are worse things in Heaven and Earth worse than my “wrath,” or, more explicitly, my Pit rant. BFD, really - I’m sure Wolfstu couldn’t care less (unlike some people here who are getting themselves in bigger knots than I am over this).

particlewill, I read the threads because the titles interested me. Why does it bug me? Just does. Bugs a lot of people. Get over it. (Oh, and playing the gay card really makes you look intelligent… :rolleyes: )

Ashtar, thanks for a reasonable post. You’re right - I’ve made my point. I don’t know why everyone else is getting so bent out of shape about it.


It’s just funny on so many levels

And if you fail to see the humor in the first one, perhaps this one will tickle your crotch

OK I just posted to this Wally style mouse story thread after following the links from and posting here and here. I dunno it seemed like a logical progression. Besides I missed the thread the first time it came around or I would have posted my hilarious story then.

I guess I must have missed the “don’t post after a thread is a month old” warning at the last meeting of The Cabal.

Flame away. I’m already in a pissy mood. I got fired today, again.

It’s one thing to start a piss poor pit thread…it’s another to be a fuckup.

Ender, you da man - that, to me (YMMV), is the proper way of referencing long-dead threads. If you’re interested in a topic, do a search, and if you find an old one, but it’s rotting in its grave, don’t revive it - start a new thread, and in the OP post a link. That heads off us Evil Long-Time Posters Who Are Conspiring Against Newbies :rolleyes: saying, “Been there, done that” and those same EL-TPWACAN bitching about the OP being dated November 7, 1945.

See how easy that was, kiddies?

Mermaid, sorry to hear about your job.


Ender, that’s twice I’ve seen you do that-
You are the devil.

Esprix- tell me you didn’t get a wayyy rueful grin on yer puss, and then start giggling, if not after the first link, then at least after the second…
I know MY crotch was tickled…

(yah yah, i know- just waiting for the esprix/puss remarks…)

Being as I just so happened to start a piss poor pit thread today, I’d like to know at whom is this post directed.

I know my little pathetic rant was lame, but if you knew me you would realize that for me, it was pretty harsh. I said fuck and everything.

Now, if you’ll excuse me,I’ll go hide in MPSIMS where it’s not so scary.

Of course.

I do miss Otto, though.


Relax Mermaid. I was taking a shot a the OP…a fairly weak shot a that.

Sorry the hear about your job.

So easy, in fact, that you weren’t able to do it yourself in the original post. Instead you called the guy a fuck-up and told him to not post to anything over a month old.

You then proceed to tell others around here to fuck off for no other reason than that they disagree with you.

It seems to me you started the mudslinging around here, not the others.

You might also want to double-check who brought up the gay issue first, you or particlewill.

–You bash people then tell them to calm down. You criticize someone for mentioning gay when you referenced it first. You say others believe what you think but not many are posting here to give you support.

Sheesh, I’ve never seen a more hypocritical thread.

Which way are you headed now?


Thanks Esprix and Krispy, I appreciate it.
The absolutly crappiest thing about this whole ordeal is that my job performance has never been questioned and in fact I’ve received many promotions and commendations for my “remarkable compassion, customer service, nursing excellance”. The incident that lead to my dismissal was that I smoked a few joints while on vacation and thousands of miles away from my job. Quite ironic, dontcha think? I doubt that the State Nursing Board will find it very amusing though. Gaaah, now I have to wait to see if they will be contacted, if I will be investigated and so on and so on.


You guys have Cabal meetings?

Damn I’m pissed that no one tells me anything.

The Cabal meetings are thousands of miles in some remote vacation paradise where you smoke weed?


Now I’m really pissed.

That really sucks Mermaid. What a shitty way to lose a job. Random test with no notice? It’s fucking bullshit that marijuana is illegal anyhow…and piss tests are bullshit too.

For future reference, the message boards at marijuana (.com) contain some very good information on how to prepare yourself to pass these tests. The myths are dispelled and you get the straight…uh…scoop on what really works.

Yup. Old SDMB tradition called “ranting.” One of the many uses of The Pit. Was ticked for my own reasons, and wasn’t able to verbalize what ender did for me, so kudos to him for helping me out.

Yup. Old SDMB tradition called “ranting…”

Looked, still seems to be him (although I’m sure you’ll correct me where you think I err).

Didn’t say anythingn about anyone here but Wolfstu - everybody else got themselves all in a tizzy over it.

It was mentioned directly in some of the threads he resurrected, but yeah, as I said before, I may be in the minority. YMMV. (Or did you not read that part?)

I’d guess in the opposite direction of you. :rolleyes:


Far be it from me to jump in on the unpopular side here, but some of the resurrections that are taking place (not necessarily wolfstu) don’t make any sense at all.

For example, there is a thread that was resurrected that was started by Jeannie last spring talking about her neighbor beating on people’s doors and her calling the cops. At the time, she wanted to know if that was the best thing to do and whether she should go apologize to the guy.

Resurrecting this thread served no real purpose. People were coming to the thread to offer Jeannie advice. Well, I’m sure she appreciates the gesture but advice on that topic isn’t going to help an entire year later. (Unless, of course, Jeannie is looking through the board, stumbles across it and thinks, “You know, I never did talk to that guy. I wonder if he still lives here…”)

This is an example of a thread that really has no reason being resurrected. Except if Jeannie bumps it to tell us that it turns out the guy really was a psycho and they just found the bodies of his family under his bed. Even then, I think a new topic with a link to the old would suffice.

I’m well aware of the old SDMB tradition of ranting around here esprix. I’ve done and read enough of them that I don’t need you to point one out to me.

However, what I normally don’t see in those posts that I immediately saw with yours was the level of hypocrisy and pity that you eventually employed to argue your point. I can’t speak for anyone else around here, but I found it obvious and insulting.

You come out swinging and calling another SDMB’er a ‘fuckhead’ and a ‘fucked-up newbie’. Fair enough. You have your opinion and have your reasons. No problem from me at this point. But you’re setting yourself up to being flamed by starting something incendiary like ‘Fuck you XXXX poster!’. But hey, you already know that because you’ve been around here long enough to know the rules.

The usual thing begins to happen and people come in from far and near to counter your point. Most counter your position by offering some valid points of their own. I definitely see their point- resurrecting a thread isn’t that big a deal when it’s not abused. One poster even points out where you’ve done the same thing in the past that you’re currently bitching about. Kinda funny, actually.

All in all, at this point, some straightforward points with no one resorting to personal attacks, except you. Maybe because of that fact I assume you will take on a more conciliatory tone and lighten up.

On the contrary, you tell that person to fuck off and reiterate how much you hate the practice of resurrecting old threads. I looked at it as opening yourself up to even more ridicule and abuse. Not because of what you’re arguing about, but how you’re going about it.

Again, fair enough. It happens all the time around here and I have no problem with someone being strong-willed in the face of disagreement. You’ll probably take some lumps because of you’re stance, but you know the rules of this place.

But what followed in that post baffled me enough that I felt I should post.

In the very next sentence you say, “…perhaps I’m in the minority on this issue (yeah, that’d be a first). Whoopdeedoo.”

Call me crazy, but because you’ve been one of the more vocal posters on gay issues around here, I only thought of one thing when I read that line. I thought you were referring to yourself as being gay and the problems you face in day to day life. That once again people should feel sorry for you because you’re miss-understood in society. You were playing the ‘gay card’, as it were, when it was completely unwarranted. I took it as a cheap cop-out to a legitimate argument that you had started.

You needlessly and hypocritically blamed particle will of initiating an argument that you, yourself, had started.

Maybe it was how he brought it up that bothers you, I don’t know. I thought he read that line the same way I had and was throwing it back at you. Whatever the case may be, that’s not my main point here.

My main point here is why you feel the need to take a martyrdom role when one isn’t needed.

You support that line of thinking by reiterating, once again in your post, that others around here agree with you but haven’t said so in this thread. You will have to take on a spokesman role for the minority. Poor esprix the martyr.

If I was wrong in thinking that at that time you did nothing to counter that in your follow-up posts. In fact, your follow-ups move towards a ‘why are people pissed? Come on people, lighten up, let’s get real here’ tone.

This flip-flop was almost insulting to me. You’re taking the easy road out of an argument and a position that, to this point, hasn’t been supportive of your position.

You start a pretty harsh thread attacking someone on this board. Noone supports that argument and discusses why they don’t agree with you. You take that as an attack against you and then attempt to garner sympathy for yourself by playing the role of the false, abused, rather than the correct, abuser. You started this thread and started the rant. Why should others feel sympathy for something you walked right into?

Maybe I’m reading something here that really isn’t there, I don’t know, it’s simply how I felt as I followed the post along.

Whoa, Esprix, can we just fucking CHILL? And no, calling someone a fuckhead and telling them to go fuck themselves isn’t just ranting-it’s just being childish. Do we have to take a time out?

Anyhoo, I think it depends. What if it’s a discussion on things like Very Vaguely Creepy, or What is your favorite historical event, etc etc etc. Where is the HARM in bumping up those topics? It’s no skin off your ass.

Actually, I believe Jeannie’s thread got resurrected because someone linked to it in the current Psycho Neighbors thread.