Somehow, I related oranged to Joey Tribiani

My dream last night was bizarre. I don’t remember alot of it, but some friends and I were in Mr. Miyagi’s greenhouse, and two gangs (30’s gang, and japanese gang) were in a shootout above us. I somehow made it to the lower level of the spaceship with a few survivors, and when we got done playing legos, we put ourselves in cryogenic storage. When we finally awoke, we learned the secrets of the ages: Each ‘Friend’ was symbolic of a fruit or vegetable. A picture was shown to us of a tree bearing three kinds of fruit, and three kinds of vegetable. The fruits started with orange, to plum, to apple, to the vegetables which were, I think, tomato, cucumber, and eggplant. Yet these were all the same thing, just different types. And each was representative of a friend. I woke up just as the world ended because my friend picked a Joey, er, orange and ate it.


Anyone else have an odd dream to share?


I always figured Joey for more of a tangerine:

The Wisdom of Joey “the Tangerine” Trebbiani

  1. it pays to peel readily.
  2. If you want to look deep in thought, pretend you have a fish hook caught in your eyebrow. If you want to look evil, pretend you like it.
  3. a navel can have recreational purposes
  4. Think of women as juicers. With seed traps.
  5. How [i[you* doin’?
  6. eventually, you’ll grow hard and lose your sweetness

… any others?