Someone else's photos got uploaded to my Photobucket account

I have no idea how–these are people in Utah, with no connection to me. I hadn’t been paying much attention to the account, and, suddenly, I log in to see a bunch of totally strange images. Had I gone on a drunken spree out of state or something? Did I write, “Bit Tits!” on a strange women’s cleavage, take a picture of it, and just forget it?

No, they’re just not mine. It’s a lot of pictures, too, and some videos. What should I do with them? If I delete them, will this person lose all their pictures? More disturbing thought: Can they see all of my pictures? Most horrible thought of all: *Is this my life in a parallel universe? *

Is theirs a life you’d consider living? Are you unhappy with your life as it stands?

Let me put it this way: If you told me that these images represented highlights in my life, I’d probably just end it now and get it over with.

Even if they were the mid-points, I’d seek out some medication.