Someone screwed up somewhere

Third time’s a charm!

I’ve posted before about my fruitless efforts to get promoted. Which is not that big of a thing as I have a pretty well-paying and secure (tho mind-numbingly boring) job.

Twice in the past 3 years or so I applied for one particular job that I kinda wanted and for which I am extremely well qualified, and had my application rejected both times. Well, someone screwed up somewhere the 3d time around and I have been invited to participate in the remainder of the application process - a written test and an interview. Both the test and interview are to be finished between 3/16 and 4/30. So keep all of your appendages crossed.

If you ask me, my 3d application was far worse than my 1st 2. I wasn’t even planning to apply again, but at the last minute threw together a POS. 3 years ago I REALLY wanted this job, and was pissed when I didn’t make the cut. I guess it is pretty fantastic that the rest of my life is going so well right now that I couldn’t care less whether I got this job or not. Right now I’m far more interested in bombing around in my new 62 Corvair and playing some golf!

If anyone remembers, this is the job that involved possible relocation. I put down all of the spots along the NE and NW coast that my wife and I would like to move to. Pretty much Mass through VA, and Wash and OR. But I’m getting ahead of myself…

So, how soon can I start simply blowing off my present workload? :stuck_out_tongue:

No time like the present!

As I recall, you blow off your work more often then not, anyway. Good luck, but don’t get your hopes up too high. I remember how bummed you were at being passed over for less-productive candidates before.

You know…you’ve been talking about moving now that the kids are out of the house. This would be an ideal time!


Congrats, Dins!!! I’m happy for you!!

Moving along quickly. Shceduled to test on 3/19, and interview 3/30. After which I am sure I will again have to wait …

On my application I had to say where I would agree to work. Someone want to tell me why in the hell I said New Jersey? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, some really nice people you know are from New Jersey! Believe it or not, it’s not all a vast chemical wasteland filled with mobsters.

In some parts, the toxicity is so high, the mobsters can’t survive.

Those are the ones who are dissolving in the toxic waste in the Meadowlands, along with Jimmy Hoffa, right? Are you saying that’s what happened to him?

It’s certainly not for the attractive tax burden. My property taxes are outrageous. $9000 this year for a property that just appraised at $269k.

I just looked up on a map where some of the places I listed are.

The towns in NJ (Cherry Hills, Jersey City, Newark, and Voorhees) look darned appealling - would someone explain what I was smoking when I said I would be willing to work in Rochester or Syracuse NY, or Harrisburg PA? :eek:

I am from the Rochester area, and to be honest it is not that bad a place to live. It all depends on the neighborhood you move to. There are excellent private and public schools if you have reproduced. Probably changed now, but when i lived in Fairport, they had a municipal power plant and the electricity was dirt cheap, I remember having an electric bill of $10 a month.

Long Island Beach along the New Jersey coast is quite beautiful or at least it was back in the early 1980s. My SO at the time and I used to go there for weekends during the summer since her folks had a place there. Newark, on the other hand, really IS a crappy place.

Good luck! Isn’t it weird that when you aren’t really looking for something, you get it?

Thanks. I’m sure it is quite pleasant. I just happened to look it up on a map, and was a little surprised. Not exactly why I chose that town, as I had been pretty much limiting myself to the Eastern seaboard and the NW.

Kind of a daunting challange, as they have multiple locations in just about every state. Tough to say, “Gee, I’d like to live and work either in the middle of Nebraska or in Manhattan. Same diff.”

It still is - my aunt has a beach house there, and it’s pretty fabulous. I wish I had an excuse to go there sometime soon.

That is great to hear. I have some really great memories of that place.
The pine barrens in the south of the state reminded me of home (Georgia) so much that I was amazed.

Good luck to you!

Just had to pop in and say that Harrisburg is the state’s capital (and has a few colleges/universities), and as such, it has a surprising number of ethnic restaurants, cute movie theaters, and night life. (Best Moroccan food I’ve had in my life). I used to make fun of it growing up, but on a recent visit there for a night, it’s really quite surprising. It’s certainly not the same as living in Chicago (I can’t remember if you’re from the 'burbs or not) but it’s definitely not dead weight. And of course, you CANNOT for the life of you beat the cost of living. And if they get the light rail set up in the next 10 years? You’re looking at a huge surge in property value.

Best of luck to you. Hope you get the job and can relocate to a place that’s not too terrible.