Something for David

Hi all, the PTB and the man himself said this was OK.

As you are aware from the sticky, one of our esteemed senior members David Simmons has bladder cancer, and has made the choice not to seek treatment. This is his choice and we all respect it. However there are many of us that want to do something to honor Mr. Simmons.
A couple of dopers approached me and suggested that I start a fund to donate money in David’s name for furthering research into bladder cancer. I got permission from the PTB and David. So here we go.

It has been suggested that we donate money to The Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network but I am open to other suggestions.

Now oft times this type of fund raiser is done after the person who is being honored has already died. I would rather see this done before David passes, so that he may see the love and esteem we hold him in.

So same deal as last time I did one of these. I will act as the conduit. You may send money to my PayPal account linked to the email I have on this board, or write me for an address to send checks. All money will be accounted for and forwarded on to the charity. If anyone has a better suggestion for a charity, I am all ears.

So dopers, how about forgoing that latte today, or digging under the sofa cushions to see if you can find a few extra coins to contribute for David.

Thanks to all in advance.

Done. I am perfectly happy with the listed charity or any other charity that people see fit to contribute to.

I’m in.

Done! Thanks Rick.

Kathy and I are in as well.

Thank you, Rick.

Count me in too.

ETA: when the time comes that we can actually send in money, will a PM go out, or should I just monitor this sticky thread? If the latter, my concern is that the announcement will be lost in a sea of “count me in”-style messages.

I’m in. Tell me how to do it.

I stupidly sent mine in Canadian dollars. If this is a problem, deny it, and I’ll do it again in e-greenbacks.

Thanks, decent of you.

I’ve PM’d you…I don’t have a PayPal account.

You can PayPal me the money now. If you don’t have a PP account, drop me an email at the address listed in my profile, or send me an IM and I will happily send you the address.

One favor to ask. If you plan on sending a check, please let me know the amount via e mail or PM so I can keep the running totals correct. Also for all of you, if your e mail addy does not agree with your SDMB screen name, put a note so I can reconcile the two and keep it all straight in my poor 15 watt brain.

Boyo Jim You can send the money PayPal, or write me for an address.

Thanks to everyone for caring.

Rick: I should have asked before; but do you have a Personal Account, or a Premier/Business Account?

PayPal fee schedule

I’m in - I sent you an email, Rick.

Thanks for organizing this, Rick. I just PM’d you for address info.


I’m in, Rick. Sent via PayPal.

Done. Thanks for coordinating this, Rick

I’m in, payment sent via Paypal. And thanks for coordinating this, Rick.

I’m in, sent you a PM for the mailing address.

I’m kind of short right now, but I’m going to look at my finances and see what I can do.