Something grabbed ahold of my hand!

I didn’t know what had my hand, but that’s when all my troubles began.

I don’t understand you…


The boogey man?

Incubus or succubus?

Was it a giant? Maybe?

Might Be. :slight_smile:

Closely examine the thing that is holding your hand. Is it greenish and hairless with a knobby back? Small eyes and very big mouth? Four short legs and a long thick tail?

If so, it might be an alligator or crocodile. If that’s the case, it may try to drag you toward a nearby body of water. I suggest -in the strongest terms possible- that you not allow it to do so.

Get out of my head!

Just a few minutes ago, I was humming, “Please pass the milk, please.”

I don’t understand you . . .

I thought you were Dale.

It sounds slightly Seussian to me.

I heard a sound, I turned around, I turned around to find the thing that made the sound.

Which leads me to…

Turn around, turn around, there’s a thing there that can be found. Turn around, turn around, it’s a human skull on the ground! Human skull. On the ground. Turn around!

Walk along…
Darkened corridors…

What’s that blue thing doing here?

Still recovering from being refracted into a free-standing prism.

That was you? Sorry.

I’m having a heart attack!

No way I’m turning around! I’m heading for the hills! Running flat out, not looking back and tripping.

I walk along darkened corridors.