Strange creature caught on my phone!

I do not know if you believe in strange creatures…We are in our new house and out of curiosity, I took some photo of a ghost or strange creature. I 'm not aware of it because my husband can’t see it on my phone. He keeps on telling me that it is only my own imagination. Maybe, I’m tired or stressed with so many works lately. Am I insane? or just having anxiety? :confused: It is scary…

What prompted you to take these photos? Did you see the apparition before taking the photos or does it only manifest on the screen? Does it appear malevolent?

Did it look like this?

So there’s your answer: “Waiiiit, that’s not a ghost, that’s Mr. McSweeny, the caretaker of the abandoned amusement park!” “Curses, unmasked at last!”

So, here’s what you do. Step one: get a dog, a really big one, like a Great Dane. Preferably a really slobbery one. With friends.

You’re not insane, seeing things that aren’t there is completely normal for humans. It is however not a ghost or strange creature, unless you’re in a horror movie and your husband superunimaginative and/or gaslighting you. And even then it needs to be a supernatural horror movie, if it is not, your husband’s friend is the strange creature.

I don’t see how this fits in Cafe Society. Off to MPSIMS.

Have we rules out the possibility of Pokemon Go?

You’re not insane, but how come you didn’t post the picture? I want to see.

Yea, pretty much this. You can’t start a thread “no one sees this weird thing I took pictures of except me” and NOT show the pictures! And provide more details.

I absolutely believe that there are lots of strange creatures in the world.

Did you take a photo of an anglerfish, or a duck-billed platypus, or maybe an atretochoana?

Pokemon Go has released some new monsters lately. Good thinking Chronos.

You meddling kids…

Was it Beetlejuice?

Gato…you are a strange creature, but funny.:wink:

Is the camera facing forward or backward? That could explain why your husband sees something different.

Don’t be mean to the OP. I’ve taken pictures of a ghost too.

I am pretty sure the OP has ghosted on us.

Maybe The Creature took her up to the Mother Ship.

Or she was committed.

Damnit. I wanted to see the creature. :frowning: