Something I don’t like about Jeopardy

Today (7/18/18) Ryan Fenster gave an answer to a Dailey Double question and at first got it wrong. In the process of trying to correct himself Alex says “no!”
Alex then goes on to explain you can’t correct yourself after he (Alex) says no. I get this and don’t have a problem with that. You shouldn’t get two bites at the apple.

My problem is two-fold, In my one-time, real-time viewing it appeared that Ryan had started his correction before Alex said no. But more importantly Alex sometimes waits for a couple of seconds before saying no, unlike today. He is in a very real sense altering the outcomes of some games by varying the wait time before declaring an answer incorrect.

There should be a finite time to answer the Dailey Doubles (or any question for that matter) without Alex’s meddling.

I noticed that myself. In light of the apparent snafu last week in Final Jeopardy, I wondered if Alex’s “No!” had just been edited out.

Don’t they have (off-camera) judges who make the actual calls?

I don’t like it when they award dollars, for a question ruled wrong, later deemed right, to the contestant of consequence yet they do not subtract the score from the person who answered it after.

The times I’ve seen Alex wait are when the contestant gives a response that isn’t wrong, but is incomplete. If the response they’re looking for is “what is the March of Dimes?”, and someone says “what is March?” he’ll wait and only call them wrong when their timer runs out. Or, if the clue is about a president and the response is “who is Roosevelt?” he’ll ask them which one. When they’re genuinely wrong, he’ll say so rather than wait.

That said, I have seen a couple cases recently where contestants were wrong at first, but then corrected themselves quickly and Alex said they were right.

There was a contestant on earlier this week who was brought back because of an error on the show where he was eliminated. They didn’t give any details, does anyone know what the mistake was?

While true, I’ve seen numerous examples of him waiting for a contestant to realize they forgot to phrase the answer in the form of a question. Not unforgivable but Alex has also ruled answers wrong in just as many occasions for exactly the same thing.

Why should they? They answered it fair and square once they were given the opportunity. To penalize them would be a real dick move.

Something that irritates me is that contestants are more and more frequently getting away with not phrasing their responses in the form of a question. It’s starting to look like all they have to do is put a little inflection on their response: “Wisconsin?”

Why bother with the game if they’re not going to follow the rules?

What the heck is a Dailey Double?

See link for the explanation. Contestant says on his screen the word “this” appeared as “his” so he crossed out the correct answer and put in a name because he thought"his" referred to a person.

When did the situation in the OP occur during the game? Alex speeds things up near the end of each round.

One from Chicago, maybe? :dubious: :confused:

Middle of the second round, I think. It’s probably on YouTube by now. Episodes have been getting posted pretty regularly lately.

Apparently, the current champion was brought back after a snafu as well. At least, I’m pretty sure it’s a different guy. :confused:

Contestants aren’t penalized for forgetting to answer in question form in the Jeopardy round, but they will be ruled incorrect if they forget in Double Jeopardy. This has not changed.

I’ll watch for this in the future, but I think it’s already happened. That’s why I said “more and more frequently.”

Because they should have never had the opportunity to answer.

Player A answers correctly, and gets $200. play moves on B and C have no money.

Player A answers with a different but correct answer, Alex says No, Then B answers with what Judges ere wanting and Gets $200. After commercial break Alex awards Player A $200 for answer that was in fact also correct.
So now A and B have 200. B shouldn’t have had chance to answer, so removing the $200 would not be penalizing them.

B answered correctly under the circumstances that prevailed at the time. Ergo, B deserves to keep the money. How does taking it away after the fact rectify anything?

I think Tread explained it well enough. If the judges had recognized A’s correct response, B wouldn’t have had the chance to ring in. The best way to rectify a mistake is to adjust the scores to what they would have been if the mistake hadn’t happened.

I can understand why the show does it the way that they do, but I can see Tread’s point, too. You can never set things to exactly how they should be. Suppose B, having given the correct response, chooses next and gets a Daily Double. If A had been ruled correct, would he have gotten the DD instead? There’s no way to know. It does seem that they make any adjustments before any Daily Double wager is made, so they correct things as soon as there’s a break where they can do research and edit the show.

terentii, how would you feel about the following situation? Player A gives an answer that is ruled incorrect. B then rings in and is also incorrect, so he loses money. At the next break, it’s revealed that A should have been ruled correct. Should the judges credit B with the money he lost? If they’d been right when they should have, he wouldn’t have lost it. I can’t recall if I’ve ever seen that happen on the show, or how they handled it.

Autocorrect, obviously.