Anyone notice that a lot of Jeopardy! episodes this season are ending with unread clues

In both rounds, almost every day as I see it.

I wonder if they have less time for the show this season
They should just get rid of the interview sections to make room to ensure all the clues get read. And get rid of the clue crew questions/ having celebrity guests read clues. For all that Trebek is a pretentious prick, at least he reads the clues quickly.

I suspect there’s a lot of editing going on in any given game; I don’t think your suggestions would change anything.

YES. They eat up ridiculous chunks of time as the game screeches to a crawl.

That’s putting it mildly, IMO.

Yes there is a lot of editing. Usually inconspicuous but not always. And I’m afraid you’re right about the suggestions.

The Clue Crew business has been going on since 2001. The interviewing has been going on even longer. If the producers of the show had discovered that most viewers disliked those segments, they would presumably have eliminated them in order to increase their audience. Since they haven’t done so, I suspect that most viewers like them. Yes, you don’t like them. I don’t like them. Most viewers do like them, apparently.

When I was on, my interview got cut (thank Og.) When I took the test the guy said that the producers like all the questions to be read, otherwise the viewers feel cheated. In my show we went through all the questions and we got rerun, not that I got another prize.

I don’t watch anymore - are the players taking a long time to ask for their answers?
“Snot in history for $400, Alex” goes a lot faster than “Can I have murderous koalas for $600 please Alex.”

Why do you say Alex Trebek is a “pretentious prick”? :confused:

It happened again today. There were like 4 unread clues in double jeopardy. I feel cheated. And I really wanted to read that last clue in Family Feud hosts category. Side note, I think it’s really lame that they considered Al Roker a Feud host. I had never heard that before, and I looked it up and it seems he hosted some celebrity Family Feud gimmick thing for one week some year. That is not a true host. We true Family Feud aficionados don’t accept him in the canon of hosts.
I don’t know it’d be more helpful if we were watching an episode and could point out individual moments from Trebek that irk me. In general there’s a lot of trying to pronounce foreign words to show off. Like when a guy said “Saladin” the way that every normal English-speaking person says it and Alex is all like “Sala-a-din” trying to get it exactly right. Yeah I guess it’s important to pronounce things right but it still bugs me.

I noticed a lot of unread clues, too. Part of it has to do with the contestants. They pause before picking clues, they read the full name of the category, they ring in and hesitate before answering, and I think several of them are just not “Jeopardy!” smart. And for at least the last year, every game has a question/answer that requires a French pronounciation and Alex takes his sweet time repeating the question in his oh-so-correct French so that we remember he’s Canadian.

I watched an episode recently where Sandra Day O’Connor read the clues. Holy crap, not only did the clues have a lot of words, she talks like you’re trying to get the last drop of honey out of a jar. I got bored just waiting on her to finish reading the clue.

Fun fact - when he botches reading a clue they tape him rereading it at the end of the show and dub it in.

The worst show for this was Win Ben Stein’s Money. The categories (if you can call them that, since each had only a single question) had lengthy lame-pun titles that the contestants read out in full, even though they weren’t funny the first time.

Jimmy Kimmel: Our categories are - She Was Only a Farmer’s Daughter But Everyone Called Her a Hoe, Touchdown and Other Stories of Sexual Success, The Sad Elephant’s Trunk and Other Emotional Baggage, Dirty Picture Parade also Known as “The Internet” and I Saw, I Conquered, I Came.

Contestant: I’ll take She Was Only a Farmer’s Daughter But Everyone Called Her a Hoe.
Jesus Fucking Christ. Jeopardy! would be halfway through its first round by that time.

Ben Stein’s money is a novelty game show

Huh… I was on the show last April, and we cleared the board in both rounds. I don’t think it has much to do with the interview segments. And almost everything is in close to real time.

I think it has more to do with how hard the questions are and how good the contestants are. If you have 3 smart, quick-thinking, alert players, they’ll usually clear the board. If they’re NOT so quick-thinking, they’ll take longer to respond, there’ll be more unanswered questions (which uses up time), and there’ll be more unasked questions left on the board.

By the way, while Voyager is right (Alex does get to re-tape segments in which he flubs a word or something else goes wrong), that’s not a reflecion on Alex. That’s done in all kinds of TV shows, and Alex isn’t any more prone to slips of the tongue or gaffes than Regis Philbin, Pat Sajak, Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel, Ellen deGeneres, Oprah Winfrey or any other TV show host.

Ben Stein’s money was a great game show, but it aired originally on Comedy Central (later on Game Show reran it for a while), so that’s what the deal was with all the “jokes”.

I liked how they made contestants wear a dunce cap if they answered in the form of a question. Suck it, Trebek!

Today ended with 3 unread clues in double jeopardy but at least we finished jeopardy. Maybe could be blamed on contestants not knowing answers and thus the game not moving fast enough

Trebek decided that since one category was southern themed he had to read the whole category in a bad southern accent.


today and Friday both categories ended with unread clues

it really does seem to be a trend this season

“Not much of one for the ladies, are ye’, Trebek?”

So are you youngsters saying that newfangled Jeopardy! usually reads all the answers on the board? Because back when Art Fleming used to do it, there were always unread clues, in both regular and double Jeopardy! Running the whole board was rare. The audience would get excited if someone got on a run and it looked like they might make it this time.

I guess I’ve been spoiled by years of good times

why do adults always want kids to suffer just because they did. Why can’t you just let us enjoy the good things we have