Something in common with Chick?

Something in common with Chick?

- Yeah, he also has bipedal locomotion!

It’s sad to see a great mind go, or even a not-so-great one. If there is any doubt, check out the latest tract offering on

This latest and greatest grand opus has so many comment hooks I ordinarily wouldn’t know where to start. But Mr. Jack has made it easy for me this time.

About halfway through the tract the resurrection of Jesus is treated as if it is something completely new to the consciousness of the populace.

“That never happened before!”

Hello? Earth to Numero Uno fundie?!

Let’s leave aside the various references in mythology, which the Jewish population probably would have rejected. There was at least one resurrection in the Tanach, when a corpse was thrown down to the bones of Elisha. (This is the basis for relics in Catholocism and Orthodoxy.)

According to the ever-dramatic Matthew, there were a whole bunch of folks reanimated upon the death of Jesus, and coming into town upon his resurrrection. (If you take the text at face value. Since this presents a rather strange picture of the zombies sitting patiently in their graves for a few days, fundies like to say that their resurrections were referred to in a sort of flash-forward, hence no time lag.)

Either way, Jesus would not have been alone! And who could forget the resurrection of Lazarus after four days in the tomb? According to at least one gospel, this was the miracle which triggered the arrest.

True Blue Jack

Jack, had you intended to post this in The Pit or in IMHO?

I really don’t see much of a debate here.

Let us know where you’d like it and we’ll send it over there.

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I like how Chick explains Jesus’ minstry as trolling against teh authorities so they’d kill him.

I mean, I know he likes to ignore Jesus’ actual teachings in favor of his death fetish, but I’ve never seen old Jack actuively belittle Scripture before.

Way to go!

Hold on a sec. Check his knuckles for callouses and get back to me on that one.

You think he walks on his hands, eh? :dubious: :wink:

I’ve been waiting two months for a new Chick tract and I get this crap. Sonofabitch, what a letdown. “GRRRR! Kill him!” WTF is that shit?

On the plus side it has Fang, bad art work plus a pope, Mao Tse Dong, Usama Bin Laden and an Ayatolla marching out of Noah’s ark.

Hey, come on, page 18 is a hoot!

Ya know, if I didn’t know he was serious, I’d be amused by these things. Sometimes they’re just hilarious.
Now, if you’ll excuse me, my grandmother wants me to pick ticks out of her fur while we think up new ways to make people lie. :rolleyes:

Am I the only one who thinks that Jeebuz, in the frame where he is saying ‘Love your enemies. Forgive others.’, looks like Al from Home Improvement? And that he should really be saying “I don’t think so”?

Well, He was a carpenter.

This is like the gazillion rant I’ve read on this guy Jack Chick, whoever he is. I’ve never heard of him before I read the SDMB. Not heard of him any other place the SDMB either. You guys must be some of his best customers, his most ardent fans. If he only knew there was such a group that hang by his every word, his every intonation, analysed and discussed his every publication, he would be most pleased, thinking his work had not been in vain.

… ever heard of the priest whom went to study sin at the local strip club and was to be found at the front row.

Well, there is still no debate, but with the (mild) ranting, here, I’m choosing the Pit for a destination.

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[Steve Martin]And it was painful for me to watch as they danced before me…
stepping all over my tongue[/SM]

It’s hard to find good irony since James Lileks hasn’t updates the Institute of Official Cheer site in a while and John Waters movies haven’t been the same since Divine died so we have to entertain ourselves somehow. He’s got a lot of fans on SDMB from atheist to Pagan to Christian. We pick apart his twisted theology in very different ways but all of us get a kick out of it.

It used to be much more common to find Chick tracts laying around but I have to admit I haven’t seen one in the wild in over ten years. I mean who uses phone booths anymore? He distributes his tracts by people who buy them in quantity online. Those of us who just surf his site and waste his bandwith watching his Ken Burns meets Rev Billy Sunday “videos” are just exploiting him and we feel good doing it.

Well, of course. According to Chick everyone here is :D.
It’s subtle but I like how in the scene when Jesus is preaching he’s shaking his finger at everyone. Even when Chick’s talking about love and forgivinesss he can’t resist including a little wrath.

I still find them - propped up on urinals in mens rooms. No kidding.

Not a problem, Tom. It did occur to me after posting that The Pit might be better. I was only able to get back on line about an hour ago. I was about to say go ahead. But overcautious young fart that I am, I had to check whether IMHO had more Chick tract discussions. (It didn’t.) By that time you had already moved it, and I just got back online now.

BTW, I really didn’t mean to repeat the title in the text twice. Can the smaller one be removed?

True Blue Jack

I’ve gotta post about:

Nothing said about the massive incest and frenetic bunny-humping* going on between siblings.

*stolen shamelessly from another poster.

Oh, man, sorry about the double post. I’ll read the whole thing now before I hit submit.

I have often wondered, you know, God must be the ultimate lover.

I like how one of the priests is so infuriated he can only say “Grrr!”

And the quote from the populace:

Yeah, I have. Wanna make something of it?

And a Choose Your Own Adventure at the bottom!

This is my favorite Chick tract ever.

And that looks like the Queen of England next to the Pope.

Well, it doesn’t so much look like her as it looks like it’s supposed to look like her.

I think that might be a Godless homo on the other side of the Pope, too.

It’s always good to shar-pei Jesus.

I meant it’s always good to see shar-pei Jesus, but I see that using shar-pei as a verb in that sentence also works.