A new Chick tract! Rejoice!!!


I have been into dinosaurs since I was 4, and I have been wrong about them the whole time!!

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That’s just SCARY. I’m frightened.

I guess I’m sheltered, I know absolutely no one who believes that. Is there a lot of people or just a few anomalies who don’t accept science?

Strangely enough, my wife’s Sunday school teacher attempted to get her to believe precisely the same thing.

I didn’t notice about the Chick tracts that they were valued at a whopping $0.13. What else can you buy for that price and still get ripped off?

Yes, LaurAnge, there are many Americans, especially in the South and Midwest, who lap that nonesense up with a spoon.

Why is it that Christians are the only ones who make stuff like this anyway? Why don’t we ever get a Jewish tract that shows how Jesus isn’t really the Messiah, or an Islamic tract that shows how the Quran is inerrant and the Bible isn’t? To answer my own question, I suppose it’s because of the Christian focus on Hell. Jews and Muslims believe in Hell, but both religions allow people that aren’t members into Heaven. Christian extremists like Jack Chick spend almost all of their time talking about the Devil and Hell and virtually never mention the idea that God loves you and really doesn’t want you to go to Hell. Of course, this particular Chick tract is pretty tame. You ought to see the one about “The Death Cookie,” which is what Jack Chick calls the Catholic communion wafers.

Heh. I particularly like how easily “Mr. science nerd” was swayed by the, ahem, “powerful” rhetoric of the born-again Creationist guy in this tract. “Wow, those footprints in the Paluxy River next to the dinosaur tracks look sort-of like human footprints, so therefore all of Genesis must be literally true!”

It’s almost, but not quite, as unbelievable as the conversion that happens to the Muslim in this Chick tract.

Am I going to have to copy and paste the Chick Tract Rite of Exorcism to this message board again?

I actually just finished writing an article on this tract for GHF based on some articles I found linked in another thread. You can read it here.

Chick is brilliant! He’s the only one, after thousands of years, and thousands of great works of art, who has noticed that the serpent should really have arms and legs to begin with.

But- what does this mean- that serpent looked like one of the dinosuars.
Have dinosuars
always been tools of the devil- and not just now with their infernel alligience to evolution? And dinosuares are all “extinct” because God turned them into snakes?

One more question- is he saying God created Eve because Adam was thinking about doing to that gazelle what it looks to me like he’s thinking about doing to that gazelle?

According to my handy copy of Skeptic magazine (Vol. 8 no. 2, 2000, pg. 17- Why We Should Debate Creationists) a Gallup poll published in US News and World Report of December 1991 says 47% of all Americains belive God created man pretty much in his present form less the 10,000 years ago.

Of course, since this was in Skeptic magazine, I take it with a grain of salt.

. . .(snigger, snigger, snigger) are any or all y’all Chickfiends familiar with the Space Moose classic, ‘Antlers of the Damned?’

Or would I not be roundly chastized (and p’raps cast unto the Fiery Pit) by posting the URL for your wickedly parodic delectation?

The sad thing is, my church has these on their display table.
Never saw the death cookie one.

Just a silly comment, I know, but:…

There was a biblical cite for just about every idea put forth except one…”Add to shopping basket”

To quote the Godless stooge in the Chick Tract: “That blows me away—my brain is reeling!”

I personally like the epiphany lines drawn around computer guy’s head. You can see the conversion taking place before your eyes!

I would definitely have ordered a few of these tracts to give as Chanukah presents (wicked, huh?), but I’m terribly scared to think what the Chick people would do with the money.

They could fund a project, for example, to kill children who make fun of bald people! (2Kings 2:23).

These Bible people really do scare me, though.

Jingo noticed:

Um, “Render unto Caesar. . .”?

Hey, any wacko can call himself whatever he wants. Why do only Muslims blow up embassies and world trade centers?

I am not familiar with Islam, but you might be exagerrating. There are plenty of sects there too.

The Paluxy River “man tracks” AGAIN!?!? Jack Chick may be the only Creationist left who believes those holes in the rock are man tracks!