Jack Chick has lost his mind.

Death Cookie.. I knew he wasn’t too hip to Catholics (or Jews, Blacks, Gays, Bikers, People Who Like to have Fun, etc…) but this is much more venomous than usual.

I don’t suppose the title of this thread is exactly a news flash, is it?

Not exactly a light debate or a list, but with a little presto chango!
Okay everyone, which is your favorite Chick Tract? If you haven’t heard of Jack Chick and his infamous tracts, go to the link provided above, or the many others sure to follow.


It does rather presuppose that Chick had a mind to begin with.


Before I checked the link, I thought this was about those little tracking thingys they put on your computer to show where you’ve been on the 'Net…

We now return you to your regularly scheduled posting.

Is there any evidence whatsoever that Egyptian religion included a rite in which wafers on altars were supposedly turned into the flesh of Osiris?

Any Chickopiles or Chickophobes among the Teeming Milliions may be amused by the links at this site: http://home.flash.net/~twinkle/psycho/DARK/chick/links.html
Again, I apologize for my ignorance of proper prettying-up of URLs.

I guess I’m a bit confused- I posted here because I thought that it was IMHO that he had lost his mind- guess it’s a fact. As for all-time favorites, Bad Bob is up there with Big Daddy.

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Big Daddy

Bad Bob

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What’s really scary is the fourth panel down on the left. It looks like the cat is having it’s way with him, if you know what I mean. :wink:

Since when does anathema mean to be put to death? Chick says that twice in “Death Cookie”. My dictionary defines it as:

© Merriam Webster all rights reserved etc. etc.

As a former player of fantasy role-playing games, my favorite Chick Tract has got to be Dark Dungeons. Remember, kiddies, all D&D players secretly practice real magic!

(Though I’ve gotta admit, that “Big Daddy” tract sure had me in stitches when the protagonist said, “Gluons have never been seen, so therefore they don’t exist, so therefore Jesus holds the protons in a nucleus together.”

Bad Bob is my husband! Well, when he’s dressed in biker leather he resembles him, anyway.

I love Chick Tracts, especially getting them in person. I never fail to get a good laugh out of them (just like the Weekly World News)

My favorite is “That Crazy Guy!”


I kept thinking Chick was a parody himself…like Landover. NO one could be that stupid…
But apparently, someone is…

You know, when I read this the first time, I read it as “especially getting them in prison” and wondered what Zette hasn’t been telling us.

But it also gave me an idea. Who’s seen the TN*hippie threads? ::evil grin::

I have a book(several years old) called High Weirdness by Mail. It came out just before the explosion of the net, and it has addresses and descriptions of all sorts of fringe groups. The author was a guy named Ivan Stang.
He includes Chick Publications. The author probably won’t mind my quoting part of his description, quote “Learn to HATE for God. These are those tiny, rectangular “Christian” comic books that grinning zombies hand you on the street–the ones with atrpcious art and an almost prehuman level of sheer unbridled hate” There is more but you get the idea.

But if you think this guy is bad you should check out Fred Phelps’ anti-gay site. Actually, anti-gay doesn’t even begin to describe it. And I am ashamed to admit it is based right here in my own home town, Topeka Kansas. If you want your weirdness threshold seriously ruptured look at http://www.godhatesfags.com

Sorry, guess I shouldn’t put in an ad for the creep, but I couldn’t help myself. Maybe the more folks see how awful his attitude, like Jack Chick, the more folks will turn him off.

Kat…you are SO EVIL…I LOVE THAT!!

(stockpiling Chick tracts for Tn)