Jack Chick has lost his mind.

I’d have to say my favourite would have to be This Was Your Life. A cheezy riff on the classic game show. And it was the first Chick tract that I’d ever read – a classmate in high school gave it to me, and was less than impressed about how I snickered and chortled as I read it through…

Anyway, here’s a Chick parody you all may find amusing. The comic strip Space Moose ran in The Gateway, the student newspaper at the University of Alberta (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) from 1989 to 1999. Space Moose was often controversial; read enough of it and there’s something to offend just about everybody. It was also very popular. And in 1996, the strip featured a Chick parody called Antlers Of The Damned, which is archived at the Space Moose web site at:

Or if you prefer, the colourized version, at:

It is, without a doubt, my favourite Space Moose strip – even funnier than the one that makes fun of Trekkies and Role-Playing Gamers (into both of which categories I belong).

Well, now, that’s a sigline for me if ever I saw one. Zette, if I may? raised eyebrow questioningly

I have to agree with Zette Kat. That was deliciously evil.
Ahhh, see Kat likes to play with her food. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh Baker, I read that book! Wish I could find it again! It was great (especially the ones on ufo cults and other oddities).
Some guy in my church, for God’s sake, passes them out and puts them in bus shelters around Halloween (the Halooween ones).
I am so ashamed…

Oh, I love Dark Dungeons! Great waay to slam intelligent people, Jack!

On Bad Bob, what are they talking about when they say “black beauties?”

Oy. I cannot believe his tract titled [http://www.chick.com/reading/tracts/0273/0273_01.asp](Doom Town). He has so warped the bible in interpreting it against
gay people that it just comes off as hateful propaganda. Not that his other tracts aren’t just as bad or worse.

I used to find his tracts lying around the public library in my home town. Someone must have a lot of discretionary income to be dropping those things all over the place.

LOL…I wish I would find it. These things are so unbelieveably simple and transparent. I mean, come on, they’re milk-spraying-out-of-your-nose funny!
BTW, LOVED the Chick parody, Kilraven…
Also, anyone else find it ironic that this guy’s last name is Chick…

I believe they are/were a type of amphetamine. It seems as though most of these sorts of drugs were nicknamed according to the color of the pill, so you get black beauties, French blues (which featured prominently in the “Quadrophenia” film), and purple hearts.


Everybody join hands and form a circle. SqurlCub, grab a non-fiction book and hold it over Mojo’s head. We have an exorcism to perform.


Mojo, do you renounce Jack Chick and all his works?

Do you renounce disinformation in all its forms?

Do you renounce all badly drawn comic-type books?

Do you renounce hatred against Catholics, Jews, Muslims, practioners of alternative lifestyles, and Christians who aren’t fundamentalist enough?

Do you promise that, whenever handed a Chick Tract, you will do your best to refute all the lies contained therein?

Do you promise that, as soon as the person who gave you the Chick Tract is out of earshot, you will laugh hysterically and toss it into the nearest trash can, its natural home?

In the name of all that is true, or at least factally accurate, I command Jack Chick and his minions to depart from this Child of Reasonable Intelligence, and banish them to the more unpleasant regions of the Universe.

And all the Posters said-


Hah…Much better now!
Thank you!

Of course!

I collect Chick tracts (and others–basically all of the little “God hates you because you aren’t like me” tracts) so if you get extras–you know where to send them!

I keep them as reminders of how twisted and messed up people can get if left to fester in their own ignorance.

Since I work in a hospital, I find these tracts quite often. They aren’t allowed but people still sneak and put them in informational displays, under magazines, in phone booths, etc. I find some several times a month!