Something mysterious that happened you could never explain how or why

I have a friend who is into conspiracy theories.

She’s always sending me links to “prove” to me it’s real.

A few years back she sent me a bunch of YT videos of strange noises outside.

Some of them were trumpets, clicking noises etc…

I forget what the conspiracy theory was supposed to be. Probably aliens are fucking with us or some such.

Anyway, I had found another video debunking all the nonsense.

Apparently there are people that like to take speakers and hide them outside in unusual places, and play weird noises out of them just to mess with people.

Oh, come on!

Not quite. It was my mobile phone that rang. I didn’t accidentally ring my home phone.

But if that ever happens again now that I don’t have a land line anymore, I’m checking myself in for evaluation.

About 40 years ago one of my slippers disappeared from my room. I’m a little kid, dutifully going to CCD classes every week, so when searches failed to uncover the missing slipper, I prayed to St Anthony, like a good Catholic. Later that day, I jump on my bed, roll over to the side that’s against the wall, and look right down on my missing slipper. St Anthony FTW!

Try to explain THAT away as a coincidence.

Ok, it’s probably coincidence.

I never thought of that. Would have to be one hell of a powerful speaker; this was LOUD. Of course, I guess if one gets their jollies pranking people I suppose they’d want to go big. I still don’t understand why it didn’t seem to get anybody else’s attention. It’s not as if it was late and people were in bed.

Well, it may sound like a cop out, but there’s also the possibility of hallucinations, which can be triggered by a buttload of things. As someone who has encountered auditory (and visual) hallucinations (never by drugs, but from illness), I can attest that they can be very convincing.

Here is something that might make you all go ‘Oh C’mon’ and again it might not.
This has to do with dogs and death.
I grew up in South India and the belief is that Yaman the God of Death comes riding his big black buffalo and carries you along when it is your time.
They also believe that animals can sense him coming and will grow restless and vocalize. That is the belief. Now my experience.
Just across the river where I lived with my parents there was a shanty town.
Some nights my dog Sam who liked to sleep outside would start barking for no reason. Not his usual bark but something like Bow… bowbowbowbowbow.
He would go on for a few minutes in this fashion.
He would also be looking south at something. The stray dogs in the shanty would also sometimes howl in unison.
I swear to god the next morning we would come to know that someone had passed away at night.
This has happened several times. No explanation.
In 2002 my dear neighbor passed away after a short fight with cancer leaving his young wife and two little girls. At this time Sam the dog I mentioned had passed on and I had Brucy my little dachshund. After the cremation I was in bed around 7 in the evening and Brucy was on the bed with me. Beside me is a window that looked down on the neighbor’s house. After a few minutes Brucy went to the window and made this howling noise that I’d never heard him make before. It came from deep inside his chest and made my skin crawl. He howled for sometime and then quietly crawled under the blanket. To this day I have no idea why he did it.
I don’t believe in the crap about the God of Death and his buffalo, but this strange behavior by dogs and sometimes cows who bellow in a totally different note. A sixth sense ? Do they see/sense the energy or soul that left the dead body ? I don’t know.

What are, in the name of Mary, mother of Jesus, are CCD classes?

Community College of Denver?
Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities?
Charge Coupled Device?
Cannabis Control Division?

Catholic religious education. Ironically.

Yep. When I was a kid in Catholic school, the public school kids who attended my church went to CCD classes to prepare to receive the sacraments and learn all the good holy stuff that we learned as part of our curriculum.

We called it Catholic Children’s Dungeon. Our parish held classes on Saturdays from 10-11:30 a.m. This meant that we kids got to go to school six days a week AND miss all of the best cartoons so we could learn important stuff like transubstantiation and the Stations of the Cross.

Sing it with me now
:notes: “… 2, 4, 6, 8, time to transubstantiate.”. :notes:

3-5-7-9! Turn that water into wine!

Okay, I have no explanation of this one but I personally think I time travelled a bit. A friend and I decided to go up and hit Bagby hot springs, as Portlanders tend to do, and we headed out after dark because spending most of a night soaking in the tubs then meandering home as the sun came up was a great way to spend an evening.

I live in SE Portland, so the way you get to Bagby from here is to take Hwy 224 out to Indian Henry Campground and around there 224 becomes National Forest Road 46. You take 46 to NF-63, then turn off on NF-70 to get to the Bagby trailhead. No problem, done it a gazillion times.

However, at that time there had been a huge landslide across 224 just after Indian Henry so the road was closed right at Three Lynx. Still not a problem–I had helped out a rural postal carrier with a flat tire and she told me the seekrit backroad way to bypass the landslide, take some really dinky narrow logging roads, all rutted dirt, that would drop you out on the other side of the landslide closure, right near Alder Flats campground. This is the way we went, joined up with 46 at Alder Flat, continued on to the 63 turnoff then the 70, got to the trailhead and hiked up to the hot springs.

While we were there we got into a conversation with another couple in the tub we were in and they asked how we got there, since with the closure on 224 you pretty much had to come in past Timothy Lake, a much longer way around. I told them the route and they asked “But how did you get past the road closure?” and I thought they meant 224 so I told them about the back way through Three Lynx and they said “No, the OTHER closure, on 46 after the Ripplebrook Ranger Station, it’s been there for weeks” and we were confused AF because we’d driven right past Ripplebrook on the way and no road closure. So we just chalked it up to a misconception on the other couple’s part and thought no more of it.

Got done soaking, hiked back to the car, got in and took 70, then 63 as normal and sure as shit, not more than a quarter mile after the turnoff onto 46 we hit a spot where the road was closed, with bulldozers parked all over the road and bigass boulders lined up blocking the way between 63 and Ripplebrook and we were all WTF because just a few hours before we’d driven right past that spot and there was nothing of the sort there. Parked the car, got out, confirmed that yes, there was a big section of the road washed out, the bulldozers were definitely there and so was another big line of boulders on the other side of the washout blocking 46. Ended up having to backtrack along 63 and take a very roundabout route out to Hwy 26 to get home, took hours longer than the trip out to Bagby.

I have no explanation for how this came to be–if you look at a map of the area you can see there are NO other roads I might have accidentally gotten on to that would get me to the 63 turnoff because there’s a river running right next to most of these roads and they only put in the barest minimum of bridges necessary to get the logging trucks through. Very few of the roads are even paved, mostly only the two digit numbered roads–the ones that branch off from those are numbered in four figures, the first two being the number of the road where it started, like 4620 or 6310 and those are all dirt roads that don’t really GO anywhere, they’re just there to bring harvested logs down.

So yeah, kinda odd, that. It was a memorable night and an awesome soak though.

I got a few of these. Ok, used to carry a pack of cards with me and I’d have people draw a card and try and guess it. Did this for like six months. Never guessed one right til one day. And on that day my friend drew did cards reinserting each one every time and then I shuffled. A normal deck of 52 cards I think it is. I guessed yes 6 in a row. Do the math on that. Another time I had my friend pick three numbers between one and five hundred and rightbthright them down. After I guessed all three correctly he tore up the paper and still won’t talk about it. Another time I was on a boat on the lake with sum friends and of course all we had was a dinky little spot light to see. My buddy gassed it and we had to going at least 40 mph when we ran up on shore onto sum rocks and came to a complete stop. Now none of us even leaned forward. Inertia you’d think have us at least fall if not launch out the thing. Forty to a complete stop. At my prom we had a gambling night. The money was taken but while playing craps I rolled 17 winning rolls back to back. Seven or eleven each time. I rolled a perfect game bowling while sitting down where u sit down near where u take score at the bowling alley. I was on x but anyways, andbmy friends actually acted pissed. Me and a friend watched a glass slide across a table about a foot on its own. We stared for about fifteen minutes going over every possible way it coulda happeed before we even spoke. But there was other items on the table that didn’t move. The table wasn’t wet it wasn’t tilted. It wasn’t vibration we had our keys on the table. Still can’t figure that one out. These are just a few weird things but their was a time in my life stuff like that didnt even cause me to pause. I could go on forever with stories that make that stuff sound like nothing. Things have calmed down a bit giving me time to reflect on little things like that but I don’t know honestly if such things done happen to everyone.

Were they Zappa fans by any chance?

:notes: Movin’ to Montana soon, gonna be a dental floss tycoon :notes:

Not to be an alarmist, but your story reminds me of the movie ‘Phenomenon’ in which John Travolta gets slammed to the ground by a huge something – I can’t remember whether it was a bright light, or a thunderclap, or … But no one else noticed this big event. He subsequently developed all sorts of amazing abilities, such as learning a language in minutes. Spoiler: turns out he had a brain tumor and this sort of thing is fairly common among people with brain tumors. I have no idea if that’s true or just a necessary fiction to move the plot, but if you suddenly develop new skills, you might want to see a doctor.

Okay, this story is a little different, because as you’ll soon see there it is very mundane, there is nothing really mysterious, and is quite clearly a coincidence. But any time anyone asks me if I believe in God, this is what I think of before answering that I don’t really know.

When I was younger I used to play the lottery a lot. I wasn’t an addict, but I’d regularly buy scratch tickets, and play the big game when the jackpot got really high. The thought of quick and easy money appealed to me as it appeals to a lot of people. I was a relatively new parent – our first son was about a year and a half old, and my wife was pregnant with our second.

The lottery jackpot was high, and I had bought a ticket over my lunch break at work. I came back to my office and there was a voice mail on my phone at work (this was obviously before the proliferation of cell phones) from my wife – her doctor had been viewing our unborn son’s ultrasound, and there was a weird spot that she was concerned about. She wanted my wife to come in so she could get another look.

I left work to meet my wife at the doctor’s office. On the way, I’m in a bit of a panic, and I start to talk to a God I don’t believe in – just because I figure I might as well cover all the bases, right? And I say (not out loud, but in my head), “Listen. I don’t care about the lottery. I just want everything to be fine with my wife and my son.”

Long story short, it was. The spot was nothing, some kind of glitch that wasn’t present on the second ultrasound. And I didn’t win the grand prize.

But I won $100.

I’d never won that much on a lottery ticket before. And I couldn’t shake the feeling that it was God, or the universe, or whatever, agreeing to the terms of the deal I had proposed.

So – two extremely likely events occurred (the spot on the ultrasound that was probably nothing was nothing; I didn’t win the grand prize) and one event that, while not exactly likely, wasn’t crazy improbable (winning $100 from a lottery ticket). I mean, it’s so clearly a coincidence that it’s hardly worth mentioning.

And yet… here it is nearly 20 years later, and I still think about it.

And I don’t play the lottery anymore.

Something like 50 years ago I was driving up from London to North Wales on the A5 (I don’t think the M6 motorway was open yet). I was somewhere around Wolverhampton, & it was nighttime. Looking down from a ridge I spotted an incredibly bright horizontal beam of green light some miles in the distance (hard to know the exact range). I pulled over & watched it for several minutes. It was a steady beam; could not see any source in the darkness. I have always wondered what this was?
Most likely guess is that it was some sort of experimental laser, but I never heard of anything of that nature in the area, and I don’t think lasers of that kind of power existed at that time?

There was a very bright green laser on top of the Greenwich Observatory in London for many years after 2000, which was visible for 30 miles on a good day. I believe it still lights up occasionally. Maybe this was some kind of precursor to that beam.