Something occured to me on the Simpsons last night

Has anyone noticed that Milhouse’s mother and father look like they are related? Think about it! Homer and Marge look different, Fanders look different. Hokey smoke! Chief Wiggam and his wife too and Ralph is a retard (scuse me). Milhouse seems to be two tacos short of a combo platter himself. So is Springfield a haven for those (yuck) close family relations?

Am I the only one that sees this?

You may remember an episode a few years ago that flashbacked to the origins of Springfield and it’s neighbor Shelbyville. The settlers split into two groups; those who wished to pursue marital relations with their blood relatives established Shelbyville, the others founded Springfield.

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I’d noticed the resemblence between Milhouse’s parents, but I thought maybe they had sought each other out because of their resemblence. I understand some people supposedly do that. Seinfeld even had an episode once where he was dating Tracy Nelson (or a character played by her, anyway) and everyone kept commenting on the resemblence. My mom even commented once that my husband and I look enough alike to be brother and sister, but so far as I know there isn’t anything our mothers are keeping from us.

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Remember the episode where the Shelbyvillians stole the lemon tree? Milhouse’s mom tells his dad that she’s from Shelbyville and he says something to the effect of “I know, and it tears me up inside!” So that could either be a case for them BEING relations, or NOT being relations, depending on how you take it…(if she IS from Shelbyville, city of cousinly love, that’s a case for it. The fact that he obviously dislikes Shelbyville may mean he’s against its premise…)

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Also, if I recall correctly, in the Shelbyville episode to which Torgo refers, Milhouse encounters another boy named Milhouse when they’re on the lemon tree sortie. This may lend credence to Heath’s claim.

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Hmmm… Barney and Principal Skinner?

[[Seinfeld even had an episode once where he was dating Tracy Nelson (or a character played by her, anyway) and everyone kept commenting on the resemblence. ]]
I recall it was George who was dating the woman who resembled Jerry.

Here in San Diego, the episode you’re all talking about ran last night.

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I’ve noticed on a couple of more recent episodes references to Milhouse’s parents being divorced (or at least seperated), but I can’t remember seeing an episode where that happened.

This is kinda unrelated, but has anyone else noticed that in the stupid comic strip “Blondie”, their mailman and neighbor look EXACTLY THE SAME!!!?? Grrrr. . . for some reason, it pisses me off so much.

Milhouse’s parents separated in the episode where Marge throws a dinner party. They had a huge fight while playing “Pictionary” and split up. She ended up dating an American Gladiator, he dated some floozy and decided to pursue a singing career (“Can I Borrow a Feeling”). It’s the same episode that Homer decides to divorce Marge and marry her again, if I remember correctly.

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