Something terrible has happened... I've become... a Brony

It’s true.

Oh, it starts with just catching one episode. You’re notone of them yet. You can hold your head high in public…

Soon it’s another ep. Then before you know it you’re eagerly awaiting the next. You tell yourself ylou can quit anytime. But you can’t.

Then one day you wake up, and look at Applejack poster on your wall, and you suddenly realize with sinking clarity that you’ve become a Brony. That’s it: game over, man. Yeah, game over. You’re caught in a net you can’t escape, hoping that you can somehow, someway keep it a secret. You’re terrified that someone might find out, but at the same time you half hope they will, just sio you don’t have to hide it anymore.


I am so sorry to hear that.

Welcome to the herd.


Hooves up!

Never apologize for something you like. Life’s too short for it.

It’s not so bad, the water is really fine.

Fans of the new My Little Pony animated series are Bronies. I think it refers only to the men who watch, because it’s just so weird for them to do so.

I don’t watch it. I’d probably like it, though.

I never would have guessed that. No objection though.

This made me smile a lot.

There are very few television shows which are substantial enough to define yourself by; very few which are worthy to be a lifestyle, rather than simply a show you like a lot.

I’m happy for you. I haven’t found my show in life yet.

Me too. I’m afraid to watch it for that reason.

Look at poor smiling bandit. He thought he could just watch an occasional episode recreationally. And now he’s hooked.

He’s also about 20% cooler than he used to be.

There’s still a chance! Forget the ponies and start watching Adventure Time! It’s the only way!

Hello, my name is Drunky Smurf and I am a Brony. It’s been four months since my last episode and each day I feel a little bit stronger and more confident that I can overcome this.

Regarding Adventure Time:

I thought it was the dumbest thing ever, I had only caught a couple of episodes here and there, until one Saturday I was bored. I had nothing to do and no where I needed to be and I wasn’t in the mood for games and there was nothing on TV. Clicking around I came across AT and thought, “oh what the hell”. It turned out they were running a marathon and I ended up watching several hours of AT. Now I really like it. Finn is so heroic and Jake is awesome.

Please remove your nads. You don’t need them any more.

There’s a Brony convention this September in a nearby town. I think me and my girlfriends are going to go check it out just to see exactly what sort of dude a Brony is. I don’t want to point-and-laugh, I want to study.

I don’t know any Bronies IRL.

Bronies, like homicidal maniacs, look just like everyone else.

Epic brohoof! Welcome to the herd man.

I’m curious what you thought, as a late-comer, of the first season versus the second. I’ve enjoyed the second season for the most part, but it hasn’t really been the lightning bolt to the brain the first season was, and I can’t tell if it’s because something substantive in the show itself or if I’m just not as into the world and characters as I was before. Or maybe the surprise of a “My Little Pony” show actually being good has just worn off.

It just feels a little… off, I guess? More manic, more “cartoony,” less of the understated humor and character development of the first season. Case in point: the character of Rarity, who was my surprise favorite from the first season. In Season 1, she’s got some obsessive and vain qualities, but for the most part comes off as a reasonably well-adjusted artiste who only really goes off the deep end after a full episode’s worth of stress. In Season 2, it seemed like the writers and animators emphasized Rarity’s diva-ness at the near-exclusion of everything else - virtually all of her scenes outside of the episodes that specifically revolve around her involve her flipping out and/or fainting in excitement or horror.

(I know Lauren Faust left between seasons 1 and 2, but I’ve been hesitant to directly ascribe my reaction to season 2 directly to that, since so much of the rest of the creative team remained present. But I’m starting to wonder if she really did imbue the show’s writing with a certain ability to convey character and storytelling with subtlety.)