Something that will shock/amuse..

I recently read about this guy has a speech in english class and it must be something that will shock or amuse his class.

now i was just wondering, just in case i ever have anything like this, does anyone here have any ideas?
also i can forward them to him.

any personal stories?
just something shocking or amusing.

You read about this guy? Nice try. :rolleyes: Do your own homework.

Tell the guy to go to class empty-handed.Some class-mates will be shocked,some will be amused and at least one will be speechless.

Or you could tell them about how you came to an on-line message about fighting ignorance where you think that you’d find someone dumb enough to do your homework for you. That’d amuse me and make me laugh, your teacher’ll probably laugh also but for another reason… This thread might be of some help.

Do you always have such a close relationship with people you’ve just “read about”? :rolleyes:

Survey says…!